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Airport Pick up and Drop off

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Hire A Standard Midsize Car Rental

Standard Midsize
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Type: Car
Category: Standard Midsize

All of our midsized standard sedans are 2006 or newer Nissan Bluebirds, these are all 2000cc vehicles and have proved very popular with the people who have rented them so far, they are larger and more spacious inside than the previous models with a slightly larger boot capacity as well.

Todays Pricing  (note prices are seasonal and subject to change without notice)

Shouldr19Spring Rental Time Daily Price
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 24 hours NZD $52.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 2 days NZD $46.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 3 days NZD $41.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 4 - 6 days NZD $37.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 7 - 12 days NZD $35.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 13 - 18 days NZD $34.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 19 - 29 days NZD $33.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 30 - 45 days NZD $31.00
01 Oct 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 46 days plus NZD $29.00

All cars in this class have twin air bags, ABS, air conditioning and all the options that you would expect from a modern vehicle with a fuel economy of around 8 to 8.5 litres per 100 kilometres in combined city and open road driving they are still a fuel efficient car.


New Zealand is a wonderful place and if you have time then exploring both the islands will make for a very memorable experience. We also have available GPS units at a very reasonable rental so that no matter where you are heading you will never be lost.

The range of midsize cars will fit 5 adults or 2 adults and 3 children (we also have child seats if required) with a little more leg room than an economy car yet still priced to suit your budget.

If you are arriving into New Zealand from another part of the world or at the domestic terminal from another part of New Zealand then we can have your rental car waiting at the airport for your flight no matter what the time of day or night you arrive 365 days of the year (so even Christmas day). Or if you would like the rental car at your hotel or motel then we offer a 7 day delivery service during business hours. And of course you can collect the rental car from our office.

Whilst you are on the road it’s good to know that all of our rental prices include unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance, we are also one of the only companies that offer the chance to reduce your insurance excess to zero.

All of our vehicles are fully serviced and maintained in our own dedicated workshop so you can drive with confidence knowing that the vehicle is fully serviced and maintained.


If you cannot find what you need on our extensive website or require a quote for more than one vehicle or a long term rental click here to make your enquiry.

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