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James Blond 2017 Ltd are tracking an imaginary car that represents all the vehicles in our fleet combined into one “spaceship”

As our spaceship makes it way on this imaginary space journey each rental that leaves James Blond has the mileage recorded and then when it returns the distance that it has travelled is added to the total mileage travelled by our imaginary “spaceship” so on days, such as Monday, when we have a large number of returns the distance travelled will be far greater than a day such as Friday when most vehicles are heading out on rental rather than being returned.

Over the next few months the car will leave Earth heading first off for the moon and then onwards towards the sun with each and every rental contract pushing it forward to its destination. So no matter how small your rental or how little mileage you cover you are helping our little car make its way on the journey.

We will be posting regular updates and highlights along the way so keep returning to this page and watch progress of the car.


Our space car is traveling in real time speed, a formula generated by real data inputted by James Blond staff.

In the banner from left to right we have complied the following data for you:

  • KM travelled > This is the total KM distance the car has travelled, the journey started on the 14 th of the 10 th 2011
  • TOTAL TIME TRAVEL > This is the total amount of time it has taken to travel the total KM distance
  • TIMES TRAVELED TO THE SUN > Our car does not stop once the sun has been reached, it collects samples, kidnaps aliens and brings them back to earth for research. Once back on earth the journey restarts! This is how many times we have travelled to the sun.
  • DISTANCE TRAVELLED > This is the distance between the FROM planet to the TO planet, as an example this would be the distance between the moon and Venus if our car has just left Venus.

If you rotate your mouse over the planets you will find interesting facts about our neighbouring stars. Watch this space, If we find terrestrial life this is where we will be bragging about it :)

For more information about our car rentals please visit our car rental page




James Blond 2017 Ltd

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