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Insurance Reduction Options

Here at James Blond all of our rental vehicles are fully insured whilst the named drivers on the contract are driving the vehicle.  With our standard excess of $2000 to apply in all cases, unless you have chosen one of the reduction options shown below. You are not covered for any accident or incident if you are not named on the contract and our insurance company will hold the named driver responsible for any damage caused. There is no additional cost to add other drivers to the contract.

Like all car insurance policies you must obey the road rules and will invalidate your insurance cover if you are driving under the influence of drink or drugs or are driving in a reckless manner.

You should also note that if you have rented one of our larger vehicles like the 12 seat vans or a truck that these are restricted by height and they will not fit any underground car park. Any damage caused above the top of the windscreen will be the sole responsibility of the renter.

Prices below for the reduction options will apply from 01/04/2017 for our standard cars, trucks, vans, trailers and 7 and 8 seat vans

Rental Time Zero Excess  (per day
or part thereof)
$500 excess (per day) $500 excess plus
tyre & windscreen
1 Day NZD $30.00 NZD $15.00 NZD $17.00
2-6 days NZD $20.00 NZD $10.00 NZD $12.00
7-13 days NZD $15.00 NZD $7.50 NZD $9.50
14 - 28 days NZD $10.00 NZD $5.00 NZD $7.00
29 days plus NZD $7.00 NZD $3.50 NZD $5.00
Pricing for our premium cars also effective from 01/04/2017 and also includes all multi seat vans from the premium 8 seater upwards

Rental Time Zero Excess  (per day
or part thereof)
$500 excess (per day) $500 excess plus
tyre & windscreen
1 Day NZD $40.00 NZD $20.00 NZD $22.00
2-6 days NZD $25.00 NZD $15.00 NZD $17.00
7-13 days NZD $20.00 NZD $10.00 NZD $12.00
14 - 28 days NZD $15.00 NZD $7.50 NZD $9.00
29 days plus NZD $10.00 NZD $5.00 NZD $6.00

 You can also cover yourself for just tyre and windscreen damage from just $2.50 per day
Zero Excess . This means that you are totally covered for any accident damage, broken headlight, cracked windscreen or simple puncture with nothing to pay in any of these events provided that you are one of the named drivers on the contract and that you are driving with the road rules of NZ.

Licence Requirements, you must present your valid drivers licence upon collection of the vehicle, you should check before coming in that it has not expired and is valid for the type of vehicle you require if you are renting one of our trucks. We will accept a NZ restricted licence as long as our vehicle is driven within the terms and conditions of that licence. We do not accept learners licences under any circumstances including those looking to sit a class 2 licence test.

If you are driving on an overseas licence that is not in English you must have either a certified translation or recognised International Licence to accompany your licence.

If you cannot find what you need on our extensive website or require a quote for more than one vehicle or a long term rental click here to make your enquiry.

Insurance Cover
Want to know more about our insurance cover reduction options

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