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Effective Van Rentals For Trades, Families And More! 02/03/2017
If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable, and spacious van for hire in Auckland, look no further than James Blond 2017 Ltd.
We have been one of Auckland’s leading choices for van rental options since 2004 and with a range of commercial Vans we have something to suit almost any requirement. We offer the best value van rental Auckland wide.
Whether you have new whitegoods that need picking up, your business has stock to transport, or you just want a vehicle with the space to move your furniture, our rental vans will get the job done.Our rental vans will allow you to move with ease, without relying on external companies or relatives. Load up one of our large vans with all your belongings and make the process a breeze. 

If it is people you are needing to transport and not goods then, renting a van is the ideal solution. Arranging travel for a sports group or family and friends can be overwhelming, but James Blond can offer you a great value hire van to suit your needs.

Our rental vans also can provide businesses with cost-effective, convenient and flexible vehicle solutions. Our vehicles can be used to supplement your fleet, or as an alternative for buying or leasing. Our fleet is available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.
It is important to assess your needs correctly and our best advice is to go for the perfect sized van that will suit your needs. We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and models to choose from which makes allocating one to your specific needs an easy process.
Your options with James Blond 2017 Ltd are wide – we have Standard Vans, Rear Seat Vans and Jumbo Vans.
Our Standard Vans are all 2006 or newer Toyota Hiace models.  Our petrol vans are all twin side door vans and are available as either manual or automatic. As the Automatic models are most popular – make sure you choose this transmission in your booking if required. These rental vans are simple and easy to drive with 3 seats across the front. Almost all of our rental vans are fitted with air conditioning to help keep you cool on a hot day or keep the van from fogging up in the winter.

In terms of load capacity our standard rental vans are 2.8 metres from the back of the front seats to the rear of the rental van with the width around 1.4 metres and the height around 1.5metres. This means that if you are wanting to carry a queen size bed in the van it will not fit unless the mattress is flexible and the base is able to be broken down. You can carry a fridge in your rental van although if you transport it on its side you should stand it for about 30mins before switching back on.

Our Rear Seat Vans are a good option for those of you who need to carry both a bit of stuff and more than three passengers. We have some current shape Toyota Hiace vans that have a rear seat fitted giving you seating for 5 or 6 in comfort but still allowing 2 metres of clear space behind the rear seat to the back door for whatever you may need to carry.

These vans are fitted with air-conditioning to make for a comfortable drive and have tie hooks in the rear if you need to secure your load. Numbers in this class are limited so an early booking would be recommended especially for events such as the round Taupo cycle ride where we have had a number of teams use one of our vans as a support vehicle.
Our Jumbo Vans give you extra space above and beyond the Rear Seat vans and are a great option if you don’t want to drive a truck.We have a couple of 2011 twin door Ford Transit jumbo vans with interior dimensions of 1900mm high 1600mm wide and 3300mm long. This gives a capacity of around 10 cubic metres. This means our Jumbo Vans have as much space as our smaller trucks.

We have also now added a 2012 Fiat Ducato auto and this has a slightly larger capacity of 12 cubic metres. As we currently only have one of these – booking are essential.
Our Jumbo Vans have tie hooks in the floor so you can strap down the bulkiest load and the power and performance of a turbo diesel engine which provides more than enough power to transport the heaviest item.
Once you have chosen the rental van for your requirements you will find that we have upfront pricing.

Your total van hire costs will include:
  • Your daily/weekly hire charge: This is calculated as a cost per day figure. Because this rate lowers the longer you hire your van, it’s worthwhile to check the cost difference between renting for the exact amount of time you think you’ll need the van, and giving yourself a few days’ lee way.
  • Distance charge: Unlimited kms.
  • Insurance:standard insurance excess of $2000
  • Bond: We take a refundable bond on all rentals with a $200 refundable payable on all of our commercial, minibus and older rental cars but all premium cars have a $500 refundable bond..
  • GST
Over the years James Blond 2017 Ltd have developed a fleet that includes over 17 current shape Toyota Hiace vans available in both petrol and diesel. 
We are constantly looking to improve our fleet and add new models and different styles of vehicle so if we don’t have what you need - give us a call and discuss your requirements with our staff and we will do our best to work out something.
If you are needing to transport items across Cooks Strait (from the North Island to the South Island) you can take your James Blond 2017 Ltd rental van on the ferry to the South Island.
If a van is not going to give you sufficient capacity check out our large range of trucks.
No matter what your requirement is we are certain that James Blond 2017 Ltd can help you with the right type of rental van for your needs.


James Blond 2017 Ltd

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