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Renting Vans and Utes from James Blond 23/10/2019
Renting Vans and Utes From James Blond Made Easy

Are you planning to move to a new house? How about going on a trip with your family? Did you just start a business and need the services of a van or ute? If the answer to all these questions is a big resounding yes then you should consider renting vans and utes from James Blond. 

Domestic and International Tourist Travel Options

With the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, numerous domestic and international tourists are planning to go on road trips in this beautiful country.  Groups of vacationers are swaying towards renting vans or utes so they can fully enjoy the trip at their own pace.
Unlike using public transport or going out with other tourists, renting a van in Auckland will give you more time to explore places and even have the opportunity to visit other locations that you are so keen to see.  Use of public transport may be good if you are only travelling within the major cities such as Auckland but when you do decide to go to other parts of the country, these may not be practical.
Flexibility of your schedule is also an important factor to consider in making the decision and public transports have a timetable to follow so this may not be suitable.  There are many options available when planning a trip to New Zealand; everything would just depend on the specific needs of the group or individual. 

Transport Options When Planning a Trip to New Zealand

There are several ways to get around New Zealand and it can be said that not one option could be better than the other.  The decision a traveller makes should rely on their specific needs and wants to make their vacation more fun and comfortable.  Here are different travel choices:
  • Buying a car or a van– If you plan to stay for several months in New Zealand, buying a car could be an option for you.  It gives you the freedom to do and go to wherever and whenever you like but there is also a downside to this, a traveller will have the task of selling the car when vacation time ends.
  • Renting a car or a van– If the time spent in the country will be for a relatively short period of time or just a month or two then renting would be the best option. This will give you the benefits of having your own car minus the responsibility of being a car owner and then disposing of the vehicle at the end of your trip. 
  • Travel by Bus Tour– Joining a bus tour may free you from planning your own travel itinerary as well as give you the opportunity to meet new people; this could be a bit expensive and inflexible since they have their own set of locations and schedules planned.
  • Travel by Train– Travelling on a train in New Zealand is more for giving the opportunity to have a more scenic experience rather than acting as a public transport.  Since there are a limited number of train networks, this option could be costly since they are more expensive than buses and at the same time inconvenient because you need a vehicle when going in and out of the train station.
  • Travel by Plane– Travel by plane can quickly get you to your next destination and at the same time provide you with a beautiful view from above but this could be a more expensive option with the hassle of transfers going to and from the airport.
Who Can Rent a Van or Ute?

There are different kinds of clients needing the services of a rental company and they have several criteria that help them decide.  A group or family going on a road trip can choose to get the van. If an individual is moving and planning to carry some sort of small to medium sized items can choose to hire a ute.  If you are planning to go to a party together with your friends, then you can rent a van as well.  Depending on the needs of a client, there is always a vehicle that would suit their needs.

Why James Blond Rentals?

Why should you go for James Blond Rentals? Choosing James Blond Rentals gives a wide array of vehicles to choose plus giving you value for your money. Not only is it affordable, it also offers quality service.  From cars, vans, utes and trucks, they have a vehicle to match your needs.  With an established business background, rest assured that you will be taken care of.  If you are planning to rent a van or a ute, they have several options for you to choose from and these are:
  • Standard Van
  • Rear Seat Van
  • Jumbo Van Diesel
  • Ute Single Cab
  • Ute Diesel Single Cab
They have been of the top choices in for commercial vans and through the years they have collected a wide collection of vehicles to choose from.  Customer satisfaction is always a priority when choosing James Blond Rentals.

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