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Test drive our Hyundai Trucks! 22/07/2012
Here at James Blond Ltd we have turned Korean with the purchase of a Hyundai Truck to add to to our truck rental fleet and whilst it will not arrive until September it is an important step forward as it starts the process of modernising our truck rental fleet. Over the last 6 years our trucks have been faithful servants to all those that have rented them from  us but as time moves on they get older higher in the mileage and despite a rigorous service schedule are starting to cost more to keep on the road.
One of the things at James Blond Ltd that we believe keeps us ahead of the competition is being able to offer price competitive rentals and the purchase of this new Hyundai truck will allow us to do this, as by being one of the first companies in New Zealand to purchase the truck we have been able to wangle a very good deal allowing us to offer a much bigger rental truck at not much more that our current smaller trucks.
So keep your eye on 4004 Great North Rd, Kelston in mid September and then be one of the first people in NZ to drive a Hyundai Truck.

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