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Where to Find the 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit Jumbo Vans for Hire 01/02/2020
Where to Find the 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit Jumbo Vans for Hire
Are you travelling with a group across New Zealand? Do you need one vehicle that fits all? Look no further than James Blond 2017 Ltd!
Why James Blond?
James Blond 2017 Ltd is one of Auckland’s leading choices for commercial van rental options since 2004. The company offers a wide range of commercial vans and Utes. They have something to suit almost any requirement. Whether it’s a people mover, family van, or a trade van, James Blond is your solution.
If you need the extra space that comes with a jumbo van but don’t want to drive a truck, then we’ve got the perfect car for you. The 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit is a jumbo van with interior dimensions of 1900mm high and 16000mm wide and 3300mm long with a capacity of about 10 cubic meters. It has as much space as our smaller trucks. Now we have also added to our lineup a 2012 Fiat Ducato auto with a slightly bigger capacity of 12 cubic meters.
Check out this video review of the 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit:


On Vacation? No Problem!
Are you travelling with your family or friends? Perhaps you’re looking for a vehicle that can accommodate many people. If so, then you should definitely check out our offers online. At James Blond 2017 Ltd, your needs are our number one priority. We ensure that you have a fun-filled, hassle free vacation with your loved ones.
You can get your vehicle right at the airport where we will bring it for you in utmost convenience. Or we can deliver it wherever you want to use it. No muss, no fuss.
Meanwhile, you can check out our range of Ute and Van Rentals.
Ute Demand
James Blond 2017 Ltd has found a growing demand for Utes. So, we have added a range of Toyota Hilux single cab and Great Wall single and double cabs. These are all available in both petrol and diesel and all purchased new in 2010/11.
We’ll Take You Anywhere
If you need to make your delivery anywhere in New Zealand, you can take your James Blond 2017 Ltd Van or Ute, including crossing on the ferry to the South Island. We even offer you a wholesale rate on your crossing to make things fantastic for you.
We’ve Got More Vans Just for You
James Blond 2017 Ltd offers a range of 2006 or newer Toyota HiAce vans. We’ve got the rental van market covered in Auckland with the petrol vans being all twin side door and available as either manual or automatic (booking for auto is essential).
Our rental vans are a dream to drive – very user-friendly. It’s got 3 seats across the front with air conditioning to keep you cool during hot days or to keep the van from fogging up during winter.
Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Short of driving a truck, our Utes and Vans are the best choice for roomy travels.
Got More Road Trip Buddies/Baggage?
We’ve got just the right vans for you if you’re transporting more people or cargo. Our Toyota HiAce vans have a rear seat that allows for 5 or 6 more people to sit comfortably. There’s still 2 meters of clear space behind the rear seat to the back door for any cargo you may want to carry.
Delivered Right to Your Doorstep
Do you want your van or Ute waiting for you at the hotel or airport? We’ve got that covered too! We can have your vehicle waiting for you at the Auckland airport just in time for your arrival. Or, if you prefer to get your van or Ute at your hotel, we can take care of that for you.
More Choices, More Fun!
We have more Utes and Vans available for you! These 2010/11 model Utes are designed for a rugged load with a tough alloy deck. These vehicles can carry whatever you want to load in them but they are gentle enough to help you move your household stuff, in case you need help. We have had all of these Utes fitted with Towbars so even if you need to drag a trailer or concrete mixer behind you, it’s doable!
The deck size is 2400mm long and 1800mm wide and capable of carrying around 1000kgs in weight. So, if you feel uncomfortable driving a small truck but have a heavy load to move, then our Vans and Utes are just what you need to do the job!
We also have a few 2011 Toyota Hilux single cab diesel Utes. They come with a powerful 3.0 liter turbo diesel engine and a tray that's 2600mm long and 1800mm wide. These Utes can carry heavy loads but are as easy to drive as an ordinary car. It provides excellent fuel economy and helps you do what you’ve got to do with your rental.
If you’re looking to hire a Van or Ute, then make your choice James Blond 2017 Ltd. We’ve got all  your needs covered geared towards your convenience and efficiency combined. Check out our amazing vehicle lineup today!

James Blond 2017 Ltd

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