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JAMESBLOND-COVID-19 01/04/2020



Due to the growing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand is now on Alert Level 4. This means that the whole country is in lockdown and everyone must stay at home for a minimum of 4 weeks or until further announced. 

On the other hand, only people and businesses who are providing essential services are permitted to travel. This includes transport freight.  

In compliance with the lockdown, JAMESBLOND, just like any other businesses and companies, will be closed to the general public until further notice. 

However, as one of the largest indepenant car, truck, minivan, minibus, and van rental companies in Auckland, we will be opening our services to essential businesses only. 

Vehicle Rental To Support Essential Services

Transportation is very important especially during this time. However, transportation can also be the cause of spreading the virus from different places. That is why we are limiting our operations to essential services only. During our operations, our whole team will practice social distancing as well as good hygiene. With this, we also encouraged our clients and travellers to do the same, as a precautionary measure during this time. 

But for now, despite the situation, we ensure all our clients that we will still do our best to provide quality service to everyone. 

Checkout our Van Rentals for essential service providers
Checkout our Car Rentals
for essential service providers

Who are allowed to rent vehicles from us?

In our current situation, most of the mechanics and drivers are not working. There are also vehicles who are not safe and are not registered to drive. In this case, you have the option to rent a vehicle. Essential businesses who don’t have vehicles to move and operate can contact us or browse our website to secure a car or van rental. 

On the other hand, if you are in an emergency situation and in need of a vehicle you may email us at info@jamesblond.co.nz.

Cancellations of bookings

Before the COVID-19 shutdown, there are clients who have reserved a booking with us. And due to the lockdown, those bookings may have changed or cancelled. If you are one of our clients who have prior bookings or reservations with us and need that to be cancelled, please contact our team at info@jamesblond.co.nz.

Safety Reminder

Just like any problems and crisis, this one will soon end. But for now, we wish everyone safety. We also remind everyone to be healthy and follow all safety and health guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. Until then, we, at JAMESBLOND, are here to help.


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