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Do I need a photo drivers licence to hire a car in New Zealand? 11/08/2016
The short answer to this question is yes.  It is law in New Zealand (NZ) that you carry your driver’s licence and driving permit at all times.  In most cases this must be a full licence held for a minimum of three years.  

If your Drivers licence or permit is not in English you must also carry an English translation approved by Land Transport NZ or a diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate or by the authority that issued your licence.  Further on this the NZ transport agency states you can drive in NZ if:

·         You have a current and valid overseas licence or driving permit
·         You haven’t been disqualified or suspended in NZ
·         You came into NZ less than 12 months ago
·         Your overseas licence is in English or you have an accurate translation
·         You haven’t been granted a NZ drivers licence since you last entered NZ

If you don’t meet ALL of these requirements, you must apply for a NZ drivers licence to drive in NZ.  You can drive for a maximum of 12 months each time you come into NZ.  Your overseas drivers licence allow you to drive a car or a light vehicle with a gross laden weight of no more than 6000kg.  If you have a full overseas motorcycle licence you can ride any size motorcycle.  If your car or motorcycle licence is less than full you may be able to drive but with more restrictions.

Once all that is sorted welcome to New Zealand.  Please remember we drive on the left side of the road, it is also a good idea to review our New Zealand road code to familiarize yourself with our road laws.  There are many roads that are unsealed and many are one way, we have many one car bridges and other such things on our road you need to be aware of and know how to drive these safely.  Our country is a beautiful place to do road trips in with many scenic drives around. 

To make your stay much more enjoyable, why not checkout our car rental range? Expereince New Zealand service at its best! With our Auckland Airport pickup service and large selection rental vehicles you are set to have a hassle free and enjoyable holiday. We hope you enjoy your stay here in New Zealand. 

James Blond 2017 Ltd

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