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Have you considered a driving holiday in NZ? 18/06/2020
Planning your family holiday in New Zealand this year? Considering a rental car or van? Using the right comnpany will ensure your New Zealand vacation will be hassle free and enjoyable. 

Hiring a vehicle in New Zealand gives you the freedom to tailor your movement to specific needs and schedules. However, car rental prices between service providers vary due to a wide array of factors. Shopping around allows you to find the best deals that provide real value for money. Independent car rental companies like James Blond Ltd offer affordable rates without compromising on the quality of service.

You can count on these service providers to offer a wide variety of reliable vehicles from which to choose. James Blond provides access to economy cars, standard midsize options, and premium economy vehicles at lower rates. The best part is that cheap car rental deals still offer a reliable fleet to suit your transportation needs. 

Driving Holiday NZ

As a result, the service eliminates the need to sacrifice the quality of service for bargain deals. Rather, you get unbeatable car hire rates, quality service, and a comfortable and reliable vehicle.

In many cases, you can also benefit from a few extras designed to sweeten the deal. These offers help make your trip more relaxed and worry-free as opposed to a cent-counting nightmare. With James Blond Ltd, you will realize that the cheapest car hire deal is not necessarily a bad choice.
Reasons to go for cheap rental cars Auckland James Blond offers a combination of great customer service, unbeatable prices, and the friendliest staff. The service enables customers to pick the ideal vehicle without worrying about paying through the nose. Cheap car rental offers make your trip fun and hassle-free. You are sure to find vehicles that are in excellent condition and come with a few extras.

The car rental company provides access to agents every day of the year to ensure great customer service. The agents will meet you at the airport or the office as you pick or return the vehicle. The emphasis lies in making the entire experience as pleasant as possible without breaking the bank. 

Everyone understands that customers do not enjoy paying exorbitant prices for airport pickups. Hence, James Blond Ltd keeps rates lower and ensures that the vehicle is available at the pickup point to avoid keeping you waiting.

You can find a reliable standard midsize cheap car rental deal starting at NZ$30 per day depending on the duration of the contract. 

Pick the right vehicle for your driving holiday!

Cheap car rental classes

James Blond Ltd offers a wide variety of vehicle classes from which to choose.
The classes includes
  • Backpacker
  • Gold Economy
  • Standard Midsize
  • Premium Economy
  • Super Economy
Backpacker class of cheap rental cars Auckland incorporates older and higher mileage automobiles, which are well-maintained and reliable. The vehicles come from various classes, including Midsize and Standard Economy. Some models available in this class include Nissan Sunny and Mazda Demio. You can count on the vehicles to cover your entire trip without incident or delay.

Super Economy
Super Economy If you are looking for a super economical vehicle for hire, James Blond Ltd provides several models to meet your transportation needs. Automobiles in the Super Economy class, including compact hatchbacks, provide reliability, fuel efficiency, and surprisingly spacious cabins. More importantly, they will not leave a dent in your wallet.

Gold Economy
The Gold Economy class offers an alternative to vehicles in the Backpacker and other classes. With this car rental Auckland option, you can choose from a wide array of models, including Nissan Tiidas and Mazda Demios. The models include hatchbacks and sedans that are cost-effective and highly reliable.

Premium economy
Premium economy Opting for cars in the Premium Economy class gives you flexibility in terms of seating configurations. The vehicles can provide seating for either four or five adults. They also provide increased luggage space by allowing you to slide the rear seats. On the other hand, you can also benefit from the fuel economy as you travel in Auckland and adjacent areas.


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