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How to Score Luxury Car Rentals in Auckland 05/01/2019
Whether you like to travel in style or you simply want more tech in your rental car, a luxury vehicle simply makes sense.

The general assumption is that a fancy car will cost a premium, which is why many travellers rule it out when choosing their rental car. But what if we told you opting for that little extra luxury can actually be cost effective?

Depending on the date and location of your rental, you might just find that a premium car is just a few dollars away from your standard option.

Remember the rule of supply and demand? Well, it might just work in your favour. Say, maybe you’re travelling during peak season when the majority of renters are travelling with a group or with children. That would mean they’ll be after the more spacious hatchbacks or mini-vans or other economy options. This may result in a surplus of luxury vehicles on hand, so the prices may drop a little lower than usual. The same goes for when you’re travelling during the off season.

It happens more often than you think. In fact, many seasoned travellers use this lesser known but extremely rewarding car rental strategy.

But even if it wasn’t exactly the case during your own trip, you can always think of it as an opportunity to treat yourself to a little extra luxury. Of course, the premium you pay comes with extra features that will make your trip a pleasure.

The secret here is to know your options. If the thought of getting a shiny sports car in a fender-bender makes you nervous (because it can happen even to the best drivers), it’s worth looking at SUVs and other premium vehicles. We’ve selected a handful of premium vehicles in Auckland you can book for your next trip:

Want to drive the 2018 model of the popular rental car in New Zealand? We’ve got you covered! The upgraded 2018 Toyota Corolla features standard cruise control, traction control and a 7-speed CVT transmission that can be driven in tiptronic mode. Being one of the first to get behind these wheels is a luxury in itself! And it’s perfect for attending meetings in between your leisure activities.
Luxury can mean different things to different people. It could mean generous seating or state-of-the-art technology. When it comes to adventures, a reliable all-wheel-drive equipped with inbuilt GPS, cruise control, Lane Assist and other handy functions adds to your pleasure driving the car.

The RAV4 will climb the mountains or cruise the sandy beaches effortlessly, providing you ultimate driving pleasure and comfort. It’s a crossover SUV that combines technology and practicality.

A sleek and stylish SUV that’s well spec’d and packs a punch with a 3.5L V6 engine is a dream to drive. This 7-seater beauty ensures comfort and reliability anywhere you go.

If you want to explore all your options, you can check out our car rental page.

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