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How to Get the Cheapest Car Rental in Auckland 23/11/2018

Car rentals can be a major life-saver for travellers. It provides exceptionally good value by allowing travellers unlimited use of some of the best and latest vehicles on the market for NZD $30 or less a day!

On car rental rates

Everything in the travel industry is influenced by supply and demand which changes according to season. Prices for the same car could go through the roof during peak season and drop dramatically in the off-season. So where possible you should make your bookings well before you arrive at your destination. Often its a case of whoever books first will most likely snag the best deals.

Some companies deliberately offer the lowest daily rates but then add hidden costs and unwanted features, such as  extra fees for additional drivers or unfair fuel policies. So even if you use those handy price comparison sites, you really don’t know what exactly you’re getting.

One trick to avoid these traps is read a little about car rental companies in your destination site and pick up the phone. You will want to book with an independent car rental company with a good track record for a couple of reasons. First, it cuts the middlemen, i.e. online travel agencies (OTAs) and web comparison sites, which both collect a margin. Companies prefer direct bookings for this reason because it’s a win-win solution for them and the travellers. Second, having a proper conversation with someone from the rental company helps iron out your expectations and resolve problems faster.

If you’re looking for cheapest car rental Auckland, you’ll most probably come across James Blond Rentals Thats because we offer a wide selection of cars from backpackers through to some of the latest cars at the most reasonable rates without those unexpected hidden extras. 

The benefits don’t end there. As an independent car rental company, we can make our rates as flexible as our customers’ needs. We will try to price match any offer you will get elsewhere. Our service is flexible as well. We care about repeat business, so we make sure our clients get the best experience with us. We do this by offering services that cater to each client’s personal requirements. We have an efficient airport pick-up and dropoff service, and make sure our vehicles are regularly cleaned and maintained according to schedule.

Smart travel tip #1: Ask what’s included in the price

Many OTAs and big rentals charge surcharges and hidden fees on top of their advertised prices. And you’ll often realise it upon receiving or returning the car. So it really pays to ask before booking or signing the contract.

In our case, all of our rental car rates include unlimited mileage, standard insurance excess, 24/7 roadside assistance and include GST. We even allow a second driver for free as long as they satisfy our terms and conditions, e.g. they have the appropriate driving licence, are over 21 years old, their name is included in the contract, etc. That’s something you don’t usually get from big outfits and OTAs.

GPS and child seats are available for very reasonable rates. Some companies deliberately lower their upfront costs and overcharge you for these extras.

Smart travel tip #2: Check their car rental range

Online travel agents don’t usually go through the trouble of finding the right car for your travel; they just get one from affiliated firms at the agreed price point. With independent car rental firms, you can have a look at every car on their range, and decide for yourself which one offers the best driving comfort and suitability to your trip.

For instance, if you are going to be touring around your destination, you’ll want a car with good mileage and lots of boot space. If you are attending important meetings or events in between tours, you might want a more polished and sophisticated car. Booking with an independent rental companies allows you to customise your rental arrangements.  

At James Blond, we make sure there’s something for everybody. For the budget conscious travellers, we have a backpacker car rental range which includes cars from our other ranges that are older and have higher mileage, but all are well-serviced and reliable. Depending on availability, you could get a Mazda Demio, Nissan Note or sometimes even a Nissan Bluebird or Wingroad. 

We also have a Standard Economy car rental range that consists of cars with outstanding fuel economy, making it perfect for city and open road driving. For enhanced comfort at a budget price, we have a Standard Midsized car rental range that features ABS, air conditioning, twin air bags and lots of legroom for adults.


Smart travel #3: Check the reviews

Here are some key things to look for in customer testimonials and reviews:

What is the Average Star Rating ? While you cant please all the people all the time the average rating is a key indicator to look for

Did other travellers find the company’s rates reasonable? While their price isn’t the lowest rate you’ll find, it may be worth it for the experience you get. Of course, it’s always better if you pay the cheapest price and get stellar service at the same time.

Did other travellers find the company’s terms and conditions fair? Did they deliver on their promises? Were they courteous and accommodating? These are the things that aren’t reflected on the price but nonetheless important.

Checking reviews may take up some of your time, but it will definitely save you a lot in terms of money and stress.     

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