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Car Rentals for Family Or Group Travel 23/07/2018

Choosing a rental car is easy when you travel by yourself or with a holiday companion – you can simply pick the most compact car and enjoy the ease of parking and fuel economy. However, it’s a different story when you’re hiring a car for a group.

Whether you’re planning a family trip with small children or a company excursion with a big team, you’ll obviously need a lot of room. The problem is larger vehicles often come with a considerably bigger price tag than economy cars.

Is there a way to rent a car for group travels without breaking the bank? Fortunately, yes. Follow these tips a smoother experience.

Know your options

Take time to research your options. A family of four will have no problem squeezing into an economy station wagon or a standard mid-sized vehicle, and still have ample room for a few pieces of luggage. However, a party of five or more will have to go for larger vehicles. You can start looking at full-sized SUVs or minivans like the Mazda MPV which can fit up to seven comfortably – or more if you travel light. For larger groups, a full-sized van or minibus would make more sense especially when you’re travelling long distances or going on an extended trip.

To improve your odds of reserving a good-sized vehicle for your party, try calling the rental company in advance. Ask them which vehicles they stock, and see if they have a specific type of vehicle available during your travel dates.

If you are looking for rental cars in Auckland, try checking out James Blond which stocks a wide range of well-maintained, top-performing SUVs, minivans and minibuses at highly competitive rates. When comparing prices, keep in mind that you are paying for your comfort and safety. Don’t just choose based on the cheapest rate you find, but select a car that offers good fuel economy, seating comfort and reliability on the road.

Know the rules for renting/driving abroad

Driving rules and regulations may be different in another country. Before leaving, be sure to check whether you need an International Driving Permit (IDP) and secure this if necessary. Ask your rental company in advance about certain requirements or restrictions that you need to be aware of.

At James Blond, we have a minimum age requirement (i.e. 21 years old) for all drivers. We accept licences from any part of the world provided that they are the equivalent of a full New Zealancd driver’s licence, and they are in English or accompanied by a certified translation. Please refer to the NZTA for further information about driving in Auckland.

Check what’s included in the price

To avoid unwanted surprises, check all price inclusions and additional fees before reserving a car. Look at the rental company’s policies for cancellation fees, refunds, bonds, airport pick-up/drop-off services, etc., so you know exactly what to expect. Some car rental companies even charge for additional drivers. Luckily, with James Blond, you can add as many drivers as you want without incurring additional costs.

Bring your own car seats

If you want to avoid extra fees, you can do this little trick to save some dollars. If you’re flying in, you may be able to check the car seat for free – do check your airline’s policy to be sure. Bringing your own car seat is also convenient as you can avoid problems with lack of availability or safety issues that may come with borrowing one.

Still can’t decide which vehicle size fits your party? Our car experts will be happy to walk you through our SUV, minivan and minibus ranges to help you choose the most budget-friendly option. Call us at 0064 9 813 4134 now!

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