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Car Rental Tips for Business Travel 24/08/2018

Business trips are bound by strict schedules, hence the need to travel smarter. When you’re running from one appointment to another, commuting in buses or waiting in line for trains and taxis just won’t do. This is where car rentals enter.

Driving your own rental car ensures convenience. But there’s a learning curve when it comes to renting cars. You need to know where to look and how to deal in order to get the best value for your money. Here are some tips you might find useful:

Stick with one rental company

As a business person, you know the importance of establishing vendor relationships. Not only do you get better service but the entire process is streamlined as well, and sometimes there are even perks thrown into the deal. Ultimately, this reduces traveller friction and stress.

If it is your first time travelling to your destination, do your research to find the best rental company you can stick with. If you’re travelling to New Zealand, James Blond can give you the best deals around. Apart from competitive rates, we stock the most fuel efficient cars in the latest models and makes.
So you can be sure to drive reliable, almost-new
vehicles which are perfect for business use.

Consider unbranded cars

If you want to travel under the radar, try unbranded rentals. It’s a very discreet way to travel, which is why many of business travellers that book with us choose it for security reasons. If you are booking long term, we can remove the car sticker (upon your request) for added security.

Unless you’re trying to wow some clients, driving a lower priced unbranded car is definitely a practical option. Unbranded doesn’t necessarily mean less efficient or bad driving experience. It simply means low-key travel.

Check weekly rates

Even if you only need the car for a few days, renting it for longer may be cheaper. It’s no secret that rates are lower for long-term rentals than for, say, a couple of days. Do the math and you might find that reserving your vehicle for longer may actually save you some cash.

Bring your licence

For obvious reasons, your driver’s licence must be current and valid for the type of vehicle you are renting. It must also be the equivalent of a full driver’s licence in the country you’re visiting. If you are travelling with another driver, be sure they have their licence with them as well.

At James Blond, we don’t charge for additional drivers – you can add as many drivers to the contract given that they have a valid and current licence.

Do an ocular inspection before taking the car

Once the keys are handed to you, the car becomes your responsibility. So it’s good to know the state of the car before signing the rental agreement. While we keep our cars maintained and serviced regularly, we do encourage our clients to inspect the vehicle themselves. We want to establish trust and transparency this way.

Whether you prefer to travel in style or you want unbranded rentals, you can trust us for a fuss-free car hire experience for your future New Zealand visits. For more information, contact us on 0800 5 25663.

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