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We Stand By Our Name And Service 12/04/2017
What is in a name? The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. It is the one thing that separates humans from animals and it is the one identifying mark or symbol by which you can identify a person or company.

Along with your name, your reputation goes hand in hand. What is a reputation? The word Reputation has Latin origins and it means “consideration”. Your reputation is how people consider or label you, this can be either good or bad. It can also be how a community or the general public view you. It can be how you are perceived to act or the sum of your actions, also in a good or bad way.

The James Blond name when it comes to vehicle hire in New Zealand stands miles above the other companies. Why is this? Because we stand by our name and our service goals.

Hire after hire we go the extra mile to give our customers the best value vehicle, for the best rate and always give you exceptional service.

We are not part of a huge international car hire conglomerate. We started out in 2004 as a small family company with the objective as just being a side line business to our already established car yard. Although over the years we have grown, our company values have never changed: Honesty, Integrity and Service.

If you do any search of reviews online about James Blond the overwhelming theme is one of prompt service, best value for money, great communication and awesome vehicles. Yes, we do acknowledge that we don’t always satisfy everyone but we try our very best to accommodate everyone’s requests and when things sometimes are out of our control, we don’t leave you wondering what is going on, we address issues head on.

So when looking for a vehicle rental company in New Zealand ask yourself:
  • Who else from all the companies out there ticks all the boxes?
  • Who will ensure I get a reliable vehicle and reliable service when needed the most?
  • Who has a wide range of vehicles?
  • Who has the best value for my hard earned money?
We’re confident that James Blond will tick all of your boxes and some. We will always give you great service and fantastic cars. You will get the best value for your money. You will have 100’s of vehicles to choose from and they are all extremely fuel efficient.

If you’re licensed to drive then James Blond is licensed to rent!

James Blond 2017 Ltd

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