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Midsize or Executive Rental cars with James B 12/03/2013
Like all things in life sometimes you are faced with a difficult choice with what to do and so it can be with a rental vehicle do you take the midsize car because it will do the job and will be cheaper than the executive car or do you take the executive car because it will give you more space and be more comfortable for the trip.
Each car has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and it’s a decision that can be made after careful consideration of what you are going to use the car for how long you will need it and where you are going with it.
A midsize car has the advantage of being cheaper a little more economical on fuel than the executive car but the ride comfort is not as good and if there are 5 of you then you will be a little more squashed and without as much legroom as the larger car. Boot space is also diminished in the midsize car so if you are heading away with a lot of luggage then you may struggle for space.
The executive car has more of the creature comforts that we all like to experience with a rental car including such things as climate air conditioning a bit more space to stretch out and a larger engine to give you more cruising comfort in the hills and the power to overtake slower vehicles on the road if needed. Obviously these added features come at some cost additional to the midsize vehicles
Here at James Blond Ltd we have tested a number of different types of vehicles for our fleet and have settled currently of the Nissan Bluebird as our midsize rental car with proven mechanical reliability a decent boot and interior space yet providing good fuel economy these have proved very popular. Our executive range is another Nissan product the Skyline giving 6 cylinders of power with space style and performance  to match.
So the things you need to weigh up as rental car client is do I want to get there in style and comfort for a small additional cost or do we want to arrive in slightly less style but save a few dollars and judging from the number of people who rent our midsize cars as opposed to our executive cars means that the wallet wins over comfort.
No matter what you are considering the team here at James Blond are on hand to show you and explain the differences between the models.

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