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SUMMER IS HERE!! Book yours today! 23/09/2012
What a beautiful day it is! As we enter summer more and more cars go out on rent.  You would think that with a fleet of 250 plus rental cars that deciding what to drive home each day would be a bit of a challenge as there are just so many hire cars to choose from and also customers are always asking what does this one go like or what sort  of fuel economy will I get from this hire car? but to tell the truth I just drive the same car every day, one of our Toyota Yaris rentals as these are very economical on the fuel fit very nicely into the very small parking space at home in the city and provide all the comforts I need to get to and from work.
If I am heading out with the family then our much wider range of vehicles comes to the fore and with 3 sons that are all 6 foot plus tall if we are heading out to dinner then Intend to grab a Camry or other large rental car from the fleet. One of the other benefits of driving the same car is I don’t need to worry about having to refill the car with petrol after I have used it, a constant battle with our customers to ensure they are properly filled not just touching the F.
So if you want to be spoiled for choice of rental cars get yourself to James Blond Ltd and choose from over 250 vehicles. Have a look at some of our cheap car rentals and book yours now before we run out!

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