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Have you considered a driving holiday in NZ? 18/06/2020
Planning your family holiday in New Zealand this year? Considering a rental car or van? Using the right comnpany will ensure your New Zealand vacation will be hassle free and enjoyable. 

Hiring a vehicle in New Zealand gives you the freedom to tailor your movement to specific needs and schedules. However, car rental prices between service providers vary due to a wide array of factors. Shopping around allows you to find the best deals that provide real value for money. Independent car rental companies like James Blond Ltd offer affordable rates without compromising on the quality of service.

You can count on these service providers to offer a wide variety of reliable vehicles from which to choose. James Blond provides access to economy cars, standard midsize options, and premium economy vehicles at lower rates. The best part is that cheap car rental deals still offer a reliable fleet to suit your transportation needs. 

Driving Holiday NZ

As a result, the service eliminates the need to sacrifice the quality of service for bargain deals. Rather, you get unbeatable car hire rates, quality service, and a comfortable and reliable vehicle.

In many cases, you can also benefit from a few extras designed to sweeten the deal. These offers help make your trip more relaxed and worry-free as opposed to a cent-counting nightmare. With James Blond Ltd, you will realize that the cheapest car hire deal is not necessarily a bad choice.
Reasons to go for cheap rental cars Auckland James Blond offers a combination of great customer service, unbeatable prices, and the friendliest staff. The service enables customers to pick the ideal vehicle without worrying about paying through the nose. Cheap car rental offers make your trip fun and hassle-free. You are sure to find vehicles that are in excellent condition and come with a few extras.

The car rental company provides access to agents every day of the year to ensure great customer service. The agents will meet you at the airport or the office as you pick or return the vehicle. The emphasis lies in making the entire experience as pleasant as possible without breaking the bank. 

Everyone understands that customers do not enjoy paying exorbitant prices for airport pickups. Hence, James Blond Ltd keeps rates lower and ensures that the vehicle is available at the pickup point to avoid keeping you waiting.

You can find a reliable standard midsize cheap car rental deal starting at NZ$30 per day depending on the duration of the contract. 

Pick the right vehicle for your driving holiday!

Cheap car rental classes

James Blond Ltd offers a wide variety of vehicle classes from which to choose.
The classes includes
  • Backpacker
  • Gold Economy
  • Standard Midsize
  • Premium Economy
  • Super Economy
Backpacker class of cheap rental cars Auckland incorporates older and higher mileage automobiles, which are well-maintained and reliable. The vehicles come from various classes, including Midsize and Standard Economy. Some models available in this class include Nissan Sunny and Mazda Demio. You can count on the vehicles to cover your entire trip without incident or delay.

Super Economy
Super Economy If you are looking for a super economical vehicle for hire, James Blond Ltd provides several models to meet your transportation needs. Automobiles in the Super Economy class, including compact hatchbacks, provide reliability, fuel efficiency, and surprisingly spacious cabins. More importantly, they will not leave a dent in your wallet.

Gold Economy
The Gold Economy class offers an alternative to vehicles in the Backpacker and other classes. With this car rental Auckland option, you can choose from a wide array of models, including Nissan Tiidas and Mazda Demios. The models include hatchbacks and sedans that are cost-effective and highly reliable.

Premium economy
Premium economy Opting for cars in the Premium Economy class gives you flexibility in terms of seating configurations. The vehicles can provide seating for either four or five adults. They also provide increased luggage space by allowing you to slide the rear seats. On the other hand, you can also benefit from the fuel economy as you travel in Auckland and adjacent areas.
JAMESBLOND-COVID-19 01/04/2020



Due to the growing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand is now on Alert Level 4. This means that the whole country is in lockdown and everyone must stay at home for a minimum of 4 weeks or until further announced. 

On the other hand, only people and businesses who are providing essential services are permitted to travel. This includes transport freight.  

In compliance with the lockdown, JAMESBLOND, just like any other businesses and companies, will be closed to the general public until further notice. 

However, as one of the largest indepenant car, truck, minivan, minibus, and van rental companies in Auckland, we will be opening our services to essential businesses only. 

Vehicle Rental To Support Essential Services

Transportation is very important especially during this time. However, transportation can also be the cause of spreading the virus from different places. That is why we are limiting our operations to essential services only. During our operations, our whole team will practice social distancing as well as good hygiene. With this, we also encouraged our clients and travellers to do the same, as a precautionary measure during this time. 

But for now, despite the situation, we ensure all our clients that we will still do our best to provide quality service to everyone. 

Checkout our Van Rentals for essential service providers
Checkout our Car Rentals
for essential service providers

Who are allowed to rent vehicles from us?

In our current situation, most of the mechanics and drivers are not working. There are also vehicles who are not safe and are not registered to drive. In this case, you have the option to rent a vehicle. Essential businesses who don’t have vehicles to move and operate can contact us or browse our website to secure a car or van rental. 

On the other hand, if you are in an emergency situation and in need of a vehicle you may email us at info@jamesblond.co.nz.

Cancellations of bookings

Before the COVID-19 shutdown, there are clients who have reserved a booking with us. And due to the lockdown, those bookings may have changed or cancelled. If you are one of our clients who have prior bookings or reservations with us and need that to be cancelled, please contact our team at info@jamesblond.co.nz.

Safety Reminder

Just like any problems and crisis, this one will soon end. But for now, we wish everyone safety. We also remind everyone to be healthy and follow all safety and health guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. Until then, we, at JAMESBLOND, are here to help.

Need a Cargo rental van in Auckland 04/03/2020

Need a Cargo rental van in Auckland?

If you are planning to travel in big groups, planning to attend an event and bring some big baggage with you, or simply transport big tools and equipment but don’t want to drive small trucks, then cargo vans are the highly recommended vehicles for you. 

Moreover, if you are a business owner and need to transfer cargo, products or your crew, these kinds of vans are the best fit for your needs.

But that is not just the benefit of using cargo vans. If you are in Auckland and thinking of cargo van rental in Auckland, here are the things you need to know about these vehicles.

1. Fuel efficient

Cargo vans are considered the most progressive and convenient vehicle on the go because of their fuel efficiency feature. Most of the cargo vans on the market today are more fuel-efficient offering transmission with up to 18% greater fuel efficiency as compared to big vehicles like a big sedan. You can significantly save more money when using these kinds of vehicles because of their ability to boost up power efficiency in the best possible way. 

2. Highly reliable vehicle

No matter what kind of model or brand you use, cargo vans are highly safe and highly reliable vehicles. A lot of planning and strategy are used in designing cargo vans. This is to ensure it fits the transport and load requirements that it will be used for. 

3. Flexible interior

Aside from the extra space that it offers, cargo vans’ interiors are very flexible. You can customize its interior to whatever you want it to be to suit your need. Some people who own cargo vans transform it into a mobile home or a delivery service van for their business. As long as you are creative, you can do whatever you want to do with a cargo van.

4. Customizable exterior

Aside from a flexible interior, you also have the creativity to customize the exterior of your cargo van to suit your needs. If you want it to be a promotional or delivery vehicle, you can add stickers or decals to show your brand. You can also put ladders on the side of the vehicle for additional access. You can put solar panels for more savings on your fuel. Just like any cars you can also customize its bumpers, roof racks, windows, etc. You can be as creative as you want with a cargo van. 

5. Space

Space is one of the major benefits of using a cargo van. With its spacious interior, you can carry loads of up to 10 cubic metres or more. You can also transport 15 people inside. If you customized the interior, you can even load more. 

6. Comfortable to use

Driving big vehicles is quite uncomfortable. But not with cargo vans. With fully functioning air conditioning systems, the total amount of space and easy to drive feature, the comfort level of driving cargo vans is the same as that of an SUV or minivan. 

Cargo vans are really a game-changer in the transport industry. They make everything easy to transport and they give so much opportunity. 

If you are looking for a quality and affordable cargo van rental in Auckland, James Blond Ltd has a good range of cargo vans that will surely fit your needs. Here are some of their available cargo van rental in Auckland with their features and application. 

Van Type



Standard Van (6m³)

  • Simple and easy to drive

  • 3 seats in the front

  • With fully functional air conditioning unit

  • Van capacity is 2.8 metres from the back of the front seats to the rear

  • Width is 1.4 metres and the height around 1.5metres

  • Automatic and manual driving available

  • Can transport 15 people

  • Can transport products for your business

  • Can be used for long travels with family

  • Can be used for office travel with employees

  • Can be used to pick and drop on hotels or airports or any location.

Rear Seat Van

  • 5 to 6 seating capacity in front

  • 2 metres of clear space behind the rear

  • With fully functional air conditioning unit

  • Available tie hooks in the rear if you need to secure your load

  • Automatic driving available

  • Recommended for events like round Taupo cycle ride as a support vehicle

  • Can be a delivery service van

  • Can transport your employees and products

  • Can be used for pick and drop on hotels or airports if you have large or too many baggage

Jumbo Van Diesel

  • 2011 twin door Ford Transit

  • Interior dimensions of 1900mm high, 1600mm wide and 3300mm long 

  • A capacity of around 10 cubic metres

  • It has tie hooks to strap down bulky load

  • With fully functional air conditioning unit

  • Automatic and manual driving available

  • For anyone who wants extra space but does not want to drive a truck

  • With the use of turbo diesel engine, you can transport heavy items

  • Can be used as a promotion car for Radio Sport or other events

  • Can be used for events as a support vehicle

  • Can be used to transport goods and products

  • Can be used as a delivery van

Ute Single Cab

  • Deck size is 2400mm long and 1800mm wide

  • Can carry 1000kgs in weight 

  • With fully functional air conditioning unit

  • Manual driving available

  • Fitted with towbars

  • Can be used to drag a trailer or concrete mixer behind 

  • For anyone who is not comfortable driving a small truck, this is recommended

  • Can be used to carry tools and equipment

  • Can be used as a delivery service vehicle

Ute Diesel Single Cab

  • 2011 Toyota Hilux single cab diesel utes

  • 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine

  • Tray size is 2600mm long and 1800mm wide

  • Easy to drive like a normal car

  • Excellent fuel economy

  • With fully functional air conditioning unit

  • Manual driving available

  • Fitted with towbars

  • Recommended for long drives and tough road because of its fuel economy feature

  • Can be used to drag a trailer or concrete mixer behind 

  • Can be used to carry tools and equipment

  • Can be used as a delivery service vehicle

Make sure to book your cargo van rental with James Blong Ltd today. Check the full list of the cargo van for rent here


3 Reasons to Rent Our Cars From Auckland Airport 24/02/2020
3 Reasons to Use Rental Car Auckland Airport
Are you travelling to Auckland in the near future? Perhaps you’re looking to rent a car while you’re there. Did you know that James Blond Ltd can provide affordable car rental rates guaranteed to make your stay in Auckland both fun and hassle-free?
Yes, we can provide you with reliable car rental services that are both excellent and reasonably priced. This way, you get more value for your car rental without breaking the bank while still enjoying access to your chosen vehicle right at the Auckland Airport.
No matter who you fly with – or what time of the day or night you arrive or depart – our agents will be available 365 days of the year to meet you at the Airport or welcome you back at their base for return to the Airport.
As our customer, your needs come first. We understand how frustrating it can be to pay exorbitant amounts to get a car rental waiting for you at the airport. Sometimes, you even have to wait for hours before you get your car. Not with James Blond. We don’t keep you waiting. No way!
Here are 3 major reasons why you should hire James Blond:
  1. Fair and Affordable Prices
Using Rental Car Auckland Airport is your best bet because, at JamesBlond.co.nz, not only do we provide excellent services, but also reasonable prices for all of your car rental needs.
For instance, you can hire a RAV4 Premium SUV for 24 hours at NZD $105.00 up to 30 days or more at NZD $65.00 per day. To hire a standard midsize car rental, you can choose from a wide range of midsized standard sedans are 2006 or newer Nissan Bluebirds. The price starts at NZD $52.00 for 24 hours to NZD $29.00 each day for 46 days.
Alternatively, you can hire a premium economy car rental for 24 hours at NZD $52.00 to 46 days plus at NZD $34.00 daily. A gold economy car rental range is available at NZD $46.00 for 24 hours to NZD $29.00 per day at 46 days.
  1. Convenient and Accessible
Hiring a Rental Car Auckland Airport at JamesBlond.co.nz is both convenient and accessible. You get the convenience of getting your car at the airport without the steep prices. While other car rental companies charge you an arm and a leg for the convenience of driving your rental car straight from the airport, we at James Blond don’t.
You can hire a vast array of economy cars, midsize cars, and premium SUVs with a plethora of options for you to choose from. You get excellent services, convenience, and accessibility – at the best price so it’s a win-win!
Now you don’t have to leave the airport to pick up your rental car. You can have it waiting for  you when your plane lands in Auckland Airport. Now that’s ease of access and convenience that will remain unsurpassed, I can assure you.
  1. Get Your Car on Time, Every Time
We guarantee you get your car on time with no hassles. Now that’s time, effort, and money saved in one fell swoop. When you hire JamesBlond.co.nz, we not only guarantee reasonable prices and convenience, we also provide you with direct access to your car from day one.
The best part is, you’re involved in the process from start to finish – meaning, from choosing your car rental to you actually driving out of the airport, you rent in your terms. You choose your car and we’ll have it waiting for you at the airport.
Hiring from James Blond Ltd to provide a rental car at the airport when you land means you have the assurance of getting into that car and driving from the airport on time, every time. You won’t have to wait around for your car to arrive. Neither will you need to pay huge fees for excellent services.

James Blond Ltd have an arrangement with Aeroparks Ltd that covers both pick up and drop off for your rental vehicle at Auckland Airport. This service is available 24/7 365 days of the year to accommodate your arrival at Auckland Airport. Learn more about airport pickups for your car rentals here.
Why Choose James Blond?
James Blond have been working to provide a quality airport rental car service since 2008. That gives you all the advantages of a valet parking service together with a rental car at a very affordable price. We have the solution!
Our fleet is comprised of over 250 vehicles ranging from the cheapest economy car starting from only $20 per day for extended hires during winter. We also have the latest model cars and minibuses. Whatever your car rental needs are, James Blond is bound to have something that will suit your requirements.
James Blond are one of the only companies to offer the choice of a zero excess on your rental vehicle. This means that, if the unexpected does happen whilst driving, you are not going to have your holiday or trip ruined by having to pay out an exorbitant excess.
You can take your James Blond rental vehicle almost anywhere in New Zealand safe in the knowledge that the vehicles are covered with AA roadside assistance. No matter how far you drive, your Hire Car comes with unlimited mileage.
Where to Find the 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit Jumbo Vans for Hire 01/02/2020
Where to Find the 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit Jumbo Vans for Hire
Are you travelling with a group across New Zealand? Do you need one vehicle that fits all? Look no further than James Blond 2017 Ltd!
Why James Blond?
James Blond 2017 Ltd is one of Auckland’s leading choices for commercial van rental options since 2004. The company offers a wide range of commercial vans and Utes. They have something to suit almost any requirement. Whether it’s a people mover, family van, or a trade van, James Blond is your solution.
If you need the extra space that comes with a jumbo van but don’t want to drive a truck, then we’ve got the perfect car for you. The 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit is a jumbo van with interior dimensions of 1900mm high and 16000mm wide and 3300mm long with a capacity of about 10 cubic meters. It has as much space as our smaller trucks. Now we have also added to our lineup a 2012 Fiat Ducato auto with a slightly bigger capacity of 12 cubic meters.
Check out this video review of the 2011 Twin Door Ford Transit:


On Vacation? No Problem!
Are you travelling with your family or friends? Perhaps you’re looking for a vehicle that can accommodate many people. If so, then you should definitely check out our offers online. At James Blond 2017 Ltd, your needs are our number one priority. We ensure that you have a fun-filled, hassle free vacation with your loved ones.
You can get your vehicle right at the airport where we will bring it for you in utmost convenience. Or we can deliver it wherever you want to use it. No muss, no fuss.
Meanwhile, you can check out our range of Ute and Van Rentals.
Ute Demand
James Blond 2017 Ltd has found a growing demand for Utes. So, we have added a range of Toyota Hilux single cab and Great Wall single and double cabs. These are all available in both petrol and diesel and all purchased new in 2010/11.
We’ll Take You Anywhere
If you need to make your delivery anywhere in New Zealand, you can take your James Blond 2017 Ltd Van or Ute, including crossing on the ferry to the South Island. We even offer you a wholesale rate on your crossing to make things fantastic for you.
We’ve Got More Vans Just for You
James Blond 2017 Ltd offers a range of 2006 or newer Toyota HiAce vans. We’ve got the rental van market covered in Auckland with the petrol vans being all twin side door and available as either manual or automatic (booking for auto is essential).
Our rental vans are a dream to drive – very user-friendly. It’s got 3 seats across the front with air conditioning to keep you cool during hot days or to keep the van from fogging up during winter.
Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Short of driving a truck, our Utes and Vans are the best choice for roomy travels.
Got More Road Trip Buddies/Baggage?
We’ve got just the right vans for you if you’re transporting more people or cargo. Our Toyota HiAce vans have a rear seat that allows for 5 or 6 more people to sit comfortably. There’s still 2 meters of clear space behind the rear seat to the back door for any cargo you may want to carry.
Delivered Right to Your Doorstep
Do you want your van or Ute waiting for you at the hotel or airport? We’ve got that covered too! We can have your vehicle waiting for you at the Auckland airport just in time for your arrival. Or, if you prefer to get your van or Ute at your hotel, we can take care of that for you.
More Choices, More Fun!
We have more Utes and Vans available for you! These 2010/11 model Utes are designed for a rugged load with a tough alloy deck. These vehicles can carry whatever you want to load in them but they are gentle enough to help you move your household stuff, in case you need help. We have had all of these Utes fitted with Towbars so even if you need to drag a trailer or concrete mixer behind you, it’s doable!
The deck size is 2400mm long and 1800mm wide and capable of carrying around 1000kgs in weight. So, if you feel uncomfortable driving a small truck but have a heavy load to move, then our Vans and Utes are just what you need to do the job!
We also have a few 2011 Toyota Hilux single cab diesel Utes. They come with a powerful 3.0 liter turbo diesel engine and a tray that's 2600mm long and 1800mm wide. These Utes can carry heavy loads but are as easy to drive as an ordinary car. It provides excellent fuel economy and helps you do what you’ve got to do with your rental.
If you’re looking to hire a Van or Ute, then make your choice James Blond 2017 Ltd. We’ve got all  your needs covered geared towards your convenience and efficiency combined. Check out our amazing vehicle lineup today!
Travelling to New Zealand this summer? 09/12/2019
Looking for a Minivan This Summer? Here Your Options
Summer is the best time for road trips and vacations. Wherever you are in the globe, it’s always a delight to travel with your family or buddies. If you’re looking to tour around Auckland, then you’ve come to the right place.
Let us cater to your every need with the right car rental for your preferences and needs. We invite you to pick out your choice vehicle and experience the convenience of having it waiting for you right when you land at the Auckland Airport.
At James Blond Ltd, we offer a wide range of cars and minivans to suit your needs and personal taste. Choose from a myriad of options bound to cater to your fancy. If you’re travelling in a group of five or more people, then you should consider hiring a minivan.
Your Choices, You’re Welcome
James Blond Ltd has a 7-seat van range that are 2002/2003 Mazda MPV's available now. These run with 2300cc petrol and while they have 7 seat belts, they are recommended for a maximum of 6 adults. The seating configuration has a very small bench seat in the rear for 3 passengers and would prove to be very uncomfortable for a longer journey. These vehicles will accommodate 4 adults and 3 children quite comfortably.

2006 model (coming soon)

We have a standard 8-seat minivans that are 2000/2001/2002 Toyota Estima's with twin side doors for easy access. Plus, it comes with a rear seat that moves to allow for a bit more luggage or leg room in the rear. They are ideal for a small group or family heading away on a trip or family event. However, they are limited in overall luggage space. If you are travelling with overnight bags, it’s okay. But, there is not enough space for more than a couple of suitcases.
Hire a 12-Seat Minivan Rental. If you are searching for a minivan or large minibus rental for your family, work, church, or social event then James Blond Ltd have your needs covered with one of the widest ranges or rental minivans in Auckland. We have 6,7,8,10, 12, 14, 17 and now 19 seat minivans in both manual and automatic in fact we have enough minivans in stock for you to transport over 350 people if required.
We Offer Airport Pickup Service
If you’re travelling to Auckland, we offer the utmost convenience with your minivan ready and waiting for you to pick up at the Auckland Airport. This service is available for all of our customers 365 days of the year, 24/7 so you’re bound to get your car anytime as soon as your flight arrives. We can also deliver it to your hotel or motel or if you’re inclined, you can pick it up from our office during business hours.
If you are travelling with children then we have a range of car seats available for rental at a nominal fee and also offer GPS units at a reasonable rate so reducing the chances of you getting lost in our minivan.
Due to overwhelming demand during peak holiday periods such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year, there is a 4-day minimum booking during these times.
Getting to Know James Blond
James Blond 2017 Ltd was established in 2004 as a small rental company partner of a business owned by the directors. Since then, it has become one of the largest standalone car, truck, minivan, minibus, and van rental companies in Auckland.
Our client base now includes more than 96,000 satisfied and happy customers. We have built our business on excellent customer satisfaction and take pride in doing things right by them.
Our goal is to deliver excellent car rental services to each of our thousands of customers each year. We want to serve you in the best way we can. We provide excellent services and cars that take you where you want to go, anytime, anywhere in the Auckland area. Now that’s what we call hassle-free services!
James Blond 2017 Ltd Services
Whether you’re looking for affordable car, truck, or van rentals, either from the domestic or international terminals of the Auckland Airport, from your hotel or motel, or our head office, we’ve got your needs covered.
We’ve got pickups available 24/7 all year round. Your car will be waiting for you when you arrive here, no matter what the circumstances are. We can also deliver your rental car to your hotel during business hours or you also have the option of picking it up during office hours.
With one of the widest ranges of  rental  cars from the cheapest economy car priced from as low as $13 per day for an extended hire during winter through to late model and brand New Toyota’s and an extensive range of SUV's James Blond 2017 Ltd have your Auckland car rental needs sorted.
Renting Vans and Utes from James Blond 23/10/2019
Renting Vans and Utes From James Blond Made Easy

Are you planning to move to a new house? How about going on a trip with your family? Did you just start a business and need the services of a van or ute? If the answer to all these questions is a big resounding yes then you should consider renting vans and utes from James Blond. 

Domestic and International Tourist Travel Options

With the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, numerous domestic and international tourists are planning to go on road trips in this beautiful country.  Groups of vacationers are swaying towards renting vans or utes so they can fully enjoy the trip at their own pace.
Unlike using public transport or going out with other tourists, renting a van in Auckland will give you more time to explore places and even have the opportunity to visit other locations that you are so keen to see.  Use of public transport may be good if you are only travelling within the major cities such as Auckland but when you do decide to go to other parts of the country, these may not be practical.
Flexibility of your schedule is also an important factor to consider in making the decision and public transports have a timetable to follow so this may not be suitable.  There are many options available when planning a trip to New Zealand; everything would just depend on the specific needs of the group or individual. 

Transport Options When Planning a Trip to New Zealand

There are several ways to get around New Zealand and it can be said that not one option could be better than the other.  The decision a traveller makes should rely on their specific needs and wants to make their vacation more fun and comfortable.  Here are different travel choices:
  • Buying a car or a van– If you plan to stay for several months in New Zealand, buying a car could be an option for you.  It gives you the freedom to do and go to wherever and whenever you like but there is also a downside to this, a traveller will have the task of selling the car when vacation time ends.
  • Renting a car or a van– If the time spent in the country will be for a relatively short period of time or just a month or two then renting would be the best option. This will give you the benefits of having your own car minus the responsibility of being a car owner and then disposing of the vehicle at the end of your trip. 
  • Travel by Bus Tour– Joining a bus tour may free you from planning your own travel itinerary as well as give you the opportunity to meet new people; this could be a bit expensive and inflexible since they have their own set of locations and schedules planned.
  • Travel by Train– Travelling on a train in New Zealand is more for giving the opportunity to have a more scenic experience rather than acting as a public transport.  Since there are a limited number of train networks, this option could be costly since they are more expensive than buses and at the same time inconvenient because you need a vehicle when going in and out of the train station.
  • Travel by Plane– Travel by plane can quickly get you to your next destination and at the same time provide you with a beautiful view from above but this could be a more expensive option with the hassle of transfers going to and from the airport.
Who Can Rent a Van or Ute?

There are different kinds of clients needing the services of a rental company and they have several criteria that help them decide.  A group or family going on a road trip can choose to get the van. If an individual is moving and planning to carry some sort of small to medium sized items can choose to hire a ute.  If you are planning to go to a party together with your friends, then you can rent a van as well.  Depending on the needs of a client, there is always a vehicle that would suit their needs.

Why James Blond Rentals?

Why should you go for James Blond Rentals? Choosing James Blond Rentals gives a wide array of vehicles to choose plus giving you value for your money. Not only is it affordable, it also offers quality service.  From cars, vans, utes and trucks, they have a vehicle to match your needs.  With an established business background, rest assured that you will be taken care of.  If you are planning to rent a van or a ute, they have several options for you to choose from and these are:
  • Standard Van
  • Rear Seat Van
  • Jumbo Van Diesel
  • Ute Single Cab
  • Ute Diesel Single Cab
They have been of the top choices in for commercial vans and through the years they have collected a wide collection of vehicles to choose from.  Customer satisfaction is always a priority when choosing James Blond Rentals.
2018 Toyota Corolla Rental Review 07/10/2019
2018 Toyota Corolla Rental Review
With the long history of Toyota Corolla, it has prided itself as one of the bestselling car worldwide.  It has evolved throughout the years and has maintained its high standards of safety and efficiency.  It offers several variants, including a more sporty and fuel-efficient variant.  Its modern exterior and features may compensate its basic interior design. 

What are the Pros and Cons of the 2018 Toyota Corolla?

In spite of its popularity there are several pros and cons in the Toyota Corolla. 

  1. Safety Features– The Toyota Corolla offers several safety features that provide the driver and passengers the sense of security.  These safety features include a reverse camera, automatic high beams, lane departure alert with steering assist; it has front-impact and side-impact airbags, anti-lock brakes and a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection.
  2. Rear-Seat Space– For a compact car, the Toyota Corolla offers a 40-inch leg room which makes it a more comfortable ride.
  3. Reliability and Durability– With its long history, Toyota Corolla has already proven itself to be a reliable and dependable car.  It shows in the odometer reading you usually see and with it even showing a six-number digit, this vehicle still does not require the services of a mechanic.
  4. Variety of Trim Levels– A trim is a vehicle model that comes with a set of features offered by the manufacturer. The higher the trim, the more features a vehicle have.  The Toyota Corolla offers several Trim Levels to its customers.  The LE Eco Model highlights its feature of fuel economy together with other attractive standard features.  When consumers are putting emphasis on price and at the same time dependability, then the L and LE trim are the one for them which is the entry level trim for Toyota Corolla.  If you’re the sporty type then they have the SE model which offers a sporty design with upgraded shocks.  Considered to have the best trim model, the XSE is the one for you as this offers luxury to the customers.  Aside from these, the Toyota Corolla also boasts of other features as well, these are its heated seats, a push-button start, keyless entry, auto-dimming rearview mirror, eight-way power driver’s seat, leather-like seating, a sunroof and navigation. 
  1. If you’re looking for something exciting, then this is not the one for you– With its durability and dependability, driving a Toyota Corolla can be so smooth that if you want something exciting, you will not be able to find it here. 
  2. Low Quality of its Interior Design– Toyota Corolla have a minimalist design when it comes to its dashboard and centre console having intuitive and easy-to reach controls but the quality of material used does not boast of high quality.  Hard plastic is used on its doors, B-Pillars and even the gear levels which could have had a better finishing.  Even the top XSE falls short on levels of quality, 
  3. Outdated Powertrain- Powertrain being the main element that generates power and deliver it to a surface, the Toyota Corolla has for decades remain as a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and CVT.  Most vehicles in today’s generation have direct injection, high-level hybrid designs and advanced automatic transmissions.  This makes driving a Toyota Corolla in a highway somewhat disappointing compared to other vehicles. 
  4. Unavailability of Blindspot Monitoring– The 2018 Toyota Corolla, does not come with a blind-spot monitoring feature.  Its adaptive cruise control is not suitable for stop-and-go traffic but it only works when driving through a highway. 
Why do Rental Companies Use a Toyota Corolla?

Considering comfort for its passengers, car rental companies are choosing a Toyota Corolla as one option for the customers to choose from. With its spacious interiors and a 60/40 rear back seat which can be folded down so as to add more storage space, it can definitely make travelling better.  Toyota Corolla is also the best choice when planning a trip with your family as it equipped with a LATCH which is suitable for car seats.  With its safety features including a front and side-impact airbags, this makes driver and passengers alike feel more secure. Toyota Corolla also has a centralized Vehicle Stability Control System which adjusts break-force to speed or other conditions.  This feature recognizes emergency breaking and even speeds up the process adding to it is reducing engine throttle to give it a safer stop. 

Typical Toyota Corolla Hire Vehicle

Toyota Corolla Crash Test Results

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2018 Toyota Corolla a five-star rating which is the top rating when it comes to the protection of its driver and passengers from injury.  Also included is a five-star rating on side-crash test and a four-star rating in frontal crash and rollover resistance tests.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also conducted its own comprehensive crash tests and it gave Toyota Corolla the “Top Safety Pick” award.  They have also rated it “good” in five of its six crashworthiness tests although it did not give a rate for its passenger-side small overlap crashes that imitates crashes that involve the front corner of a car.  “Superior” rating was also given by the IIHS for front crash prevention and an “acceptable” rating for headlights and the ease in using the LATCH anchors for car seats. 

Renting a Toyota Corolla

A Toyota Corolla offers the latest model and this is considered as one of the most popular car brand rental in New Zealand.  With a competitive price package, it also includes unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance with the choice of reducing excess insurance down to zero at a minimal fee. 
The latest pricing is (prices are seasonal and subject to change without notice):
For todays rates please visit Toyota Corolla Rental

Winter19 Rental Time Daily Price
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 24 hours NZD $53.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 24 hours NZD $53.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 2 days NZD $49.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 2 days NZD $51.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 3 days NZD $49.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 3 days NZD $47.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 4 - 6 days NZD $39.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 4 - 6 days NZD $47.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 7 - 12 days NZD $37.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 7 - 12 days NZD $44.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 13 - 18 days NZD $39.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 13 - 18 days NZD $35.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 19 - 29 days NZD $37.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 19 - 29 days NZD $33.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 30 - 45 days NZD $35.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 30 - 45 days NZD $32.00
19 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 46 days plus NZD $31.00

When planning to go explore New Zealand, we can also rent a GPS unit to give our customers more freedom and opportunity to explore our beautiful country.

Hiring a car in Auckland is made easier with our wide range of vehicles to choose from and at an affordable rate with the assurance that you will be getting a well-serviced and maintained vehicle to make sure that what you have is a quality rental. 

Want to know more? Give us a call!
2016 AWD Toyota Highlanders Rental Review 29/08/2019
2016 AWD Toyota Highlanders Rental Review
The 2016 AWD Toyota Highlander is a family-friendly, functional, and consistently reliable with frugal gas mileage and good manners. The 2014 redesign introduced edgier styling where handling became more sure-footed and responsive. The only down side is it falls short of being engaging to drive.

How the 2016 Highlander Differs with the 2008-2013 Models
When compared to the 2008-2013 Highlander, the 2016 AWD Toyota Highlander is less plush inside and has a little more interior noise. It also lacks cushy low-speed ride isolation.
Most Highlanders have a 3.5-liter V6 and a six-speed automatic transmission. An expensive hybrid version returns 25 mpg overall. Inside, minivan-like second-row accommodations make good use of this generation's added length, although the third row seat remains suitable only for kids. Controls are simple and a backup camera is standard issue in each 2016 AWD Toyota Highlander.
The 2016 AWD Toyota Highlanders version forces you to get a top-trim Limited to get desirable features like blind spot monitoring and advanced safety equipment.
A Bigger SUV
If you’re looking for a bigger SUV, we now offer 2016 AWD Toyota Highlanders Rental in our fleet. These 7-seater petrol SUV's are very well spec'd, roomy, have plenty of power with the 3.5L V6, climate air conditioning and are a dream to drive.
Numbers are limited so an early booking is essential and a great value rental.
Here is Today’s Pricing (note prices are seasonal and subject to change without notice):
Winter19 Rental Time Daily Price
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 24 hours NZD $105.00
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 2 - 6 days NZD $95.00
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 7 - 12 days NZD $90.00
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 13 - 18 days NZD $87.00
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 19 - 29 days NZD $82.00
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 30 - 45 days NZD $77.00
01 May 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 46 days plus NZD $72.00
Rates on these vehicles include unlimited mileage, GST, and our standard insurance with the option to reduce this down to zero. We can also rent you a GPS or child seats at a very affordable price.

A Midsize SUV
The 2016 Toyota Highlander is a midsize SUV that features a spacious, upscale cabin and an available fuel-efficient V6 engine. However, its average reliability score keeps it in the middle of the highly competitive class.
  • Strong available V6
  • Composed ride and handling
  • Top-notch cabin materials
  • Third-row seats aren’t adult-friendly
New for 2016: Towing package is made standard in V6 Highlanders.
Please note that although this vehicle has 7 seats the 2 rear seats are smaller and more suitable for children, if there are more than 5 adults you probably need a different vehicle. You should also be aware that once the rear seats are up there is not a great amount of luggage space in the vehicle.
A Good Midsize SUV
The 2016 Toyota Highlander is a good, but not great, midsize SUV. There's plenty of space for transporting passengers and their cargo. Additionally, the Highlander comes with a number of standard high-tech features, like a 6.1-inch touch screen dashboard and Bluetooth for phone and music streaming.
Choose the Best 2016 Highlander for You
The 2016 Highlander has five trims: LE, LE Plus, XLE, Limited, and Limited Platinum. Toyota also has the Highlander Hybrid. If you want all-wheel drive or plan to tow, look for a Highlander model with the V6 engine – these include a heavy-duty towing package and are the only models available with AWD.
One of the best values in the Highlander lineup is the LE Plus trim. It comes with tri-zone automatic climate control, seats trimmed with synthetic leather, navigation, a flip-up rear hatch window (for quick and easy access to the back), and an adjustable power liftgate.
2016 Top Safety Pick+
The 2016 Highlander scored well in crash tests. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named it a 2016 Top Safety Pick+ and gave it a rating of Good, the highest possible, in all five test categories. It also earned a perfect five-star overall rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Highlander received five stars in the side crash test, and four stars for the rollover and frontal crash tests.
The Highlander has a myriad of driver assistance features, although most are only offered in higher trims. The only standard feature is a rearview camera. Among the available features are adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring.
How the 2016 Toyota Highlander Drives
A 185-horsepower four-cylinder engine comes standard, and a 270-horsepower V6 engine is available. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard with either engine.
Power and Acceleration
The four-cylinder Highlander earns an EPA-estimated 20/25 mpg city/highway whereas rivals offer similar fuel economy and more horsepower. The V6 Highlander gets 19/25 with front-wheel drive and 18/24 with all-wheel drive, which is typical for the class.
Test drivers say the four-cylinder has sufficient power. However, most recommend the optional V6 because it's more potent and nearly as fuel efficient. The Highlander's automatic transmission provides swift downshifts.
Handling and Braking
The 2016 Toyota Highlander comes standard with front-wheel drive while all-wheel drive is optional on V6 models. Test drivers say the Highlander has responsive handling for the class overall. Although some say it isn't quite as agile as more sport-oriented midsize SUVs. Reviewers also appreciate the Highlander's accurate steering and smooth ride.
Hiring a car in Auckland? Check out our fleet of rentals and choose the car you want from a vast array of vehicles to fit your needs and budget. Our pricing strategy is to offer the newest possible cars at the lowest possible rental rates and, to date, that strategy has proven to be very popular with a number of our customers returning year after year. We hope that once you have experienced the James Blond difference, you will also become a regular customer. Family-operated, feel the difference as your satisfaction is our number one priority.
Commercial Vehicle Rental 02/08/2019
Are you a tradesperson, delivery company or business owner needing commercial transport? Have you seen our range of vans, trucks, trailers and utes?

Great news if you are stuck! Whether you need a minivan to shuttle off a big party or a box truck to move bulky items across the country, we got a range of commercial vehicles that will cater to your business’ demands. Should you need extra space for moving bulking items such as cars, granny flats and furniture, we have a whole range of trailers for that, too.


As we’re talking about business, we know you want to ensure renting a commercial vehicle makes financial sense. James Blond offers some of the most competitive prices coupled with exceptional customer service and flexibility.

You can hire a standard van for as low as $75 NZD or a single cab ute for as little as $65 NZD. Our minivan prices start at $46 a day for the 7-seater option. A 17-seater and 19-seater minibus can be yours for a day for as low as $160. Trailer rentals start at $35.

We also have 2-tonne box trucks available at a minimum $75 per day, and 3-tonners at $95 per day. Most of these trucks are fitted with Z-tracks or tail lift to make loading and unloading easier. They also have interior tie hooks to accommodate tie-downs for securing your load.


For some businesses, a long-term rental vehicle makes for a smarter investment than owning and maintaining their own company vehicle. James Blond makes sure you get more value for money by offering lower rates than the competition, especially for long-term hire.  

Our rates include GST and standard insurance with excess reduction options. Unlimited mileage is included in the rental rate for some of our vehicle ranges. But for the other ranges, we offer special 3-day unlimited mileage rates. There is also a small bond required for each vehicle, but this is refundable.

Most of our vehicles are equipped with airconditioning, airbags, seatbelts, ABS and other safety features, making them exceptionally reliable and comfortable to drive.  


To score the best deal on your commercial vehicle rental, we recommend arranging your hire in advance. This also helps you to secure the most appropriate rental option for your business needs. To ensure a smooth, bump-free experience, we usually require a 4-day minimum booking period around public holiday weekends.
We’ll make sure you get your van or utes where and when you need it. Have some cargo arriving at the airport past midnight? No worries! We can have your rental vehicle waiting for you at the Auckland Airport no matter the time of day. Need your minibus to collect a group of guests from the hotel? You have it!

Tip: Rental rates depend on availability and seasons. If your move date is flexible, you can take advantage of lower rates by renting out on less busy days and in the low season.

Don’t know which vehicle to rent? We will be happy to discuss your options, including the features on each of our vehicles, so you can make a smart decision. Price, value and availability aside, it’s important to pick a rental vehicle that you are comfortable driving. 
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