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Need A Van For Moving? 29/05/2017
Do you need a van for moving? If so, you need to talk to us! In amongst our large range of rental vehicles are our vans which are perfect for your move.
If you are needing to move a small amount of stuff along with your family, friends or moving helpers – our Toyota Hiace vans are a great option. They have a fitted rear seat which allows you to seat 5 or 6 people in comfort but you still have 2 metres of clear space behind this seat for whatever you may need to carry.

If you are needing a van but without seats in the middle, we have a range twin side door, petrol fuelled vans that are available as either manual or automatic. These rental vans are simple and easy to drive with 3 seats across the front.

In terms of load capacity these rental vans are 2.8 metres from the back of the front seats to the rear of the rental van with the width around 1.4 metres and the height around 1.5metres. An example of what might not fit in these vans is a queen size bed. They will not fit unless the mattress is flexible and the base is able to be broken down. You could carry a fridge in these vans if you lie it on its side. Please note though that if you transport it on its side you should stand it for about 30mins before switching back on.

Both types of vans are generally fitted with air conditioning. This means that no matter if you’re moving in the heat of Summer or the cold of Winter – you can move your items with comfort inside the van. All vans have tie hooks in the rear to help you to secure your load.

These vans are often booked as support vehicles when there are sporting events so, if you are wanting one of these vans it will pay to book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment if they have all been booked.
James Blond is happy to advise that unlike some other rental companies, our van hire rates include unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance cover with the option to reduce the excess to zero for just a small additional daily charge.

What if you aren’t convinced that a van is big enough for your move? Not to worry! James Blond also have a range of tail lift truck rentals. The great thing about these trucks is that you can drive them using a typical car class licence – no need for an HT licence with these babies!

If you have something heavy to shift like a piano for example and you don’t have enough friends to help with moving, then a Tail Lift truck is you best friend! The tail lift has a hydraulic motor which lifts the “tail” up to the height of the floor of the truck allowing you to have easy loading and unloading of your heavy items.
There is no long list of instructions needed to understand to be able to work the hydraulics. Simply position your object on top of the lift and if needed, stand on the lift yourself to steady to object and then press the up button and the hydraulics take care of the rest.

Moving is known to be a highly stressful activity so we at James Blond like to offer flexible rental periods to give you the chance to choose a rental time that will suit you. If you only need a truck or van for 4 hours then you do not have to pay for a whole days hire – you just pay for the 4 hours. If you require a vehicle for a week, a month or more then we can assist with that as well.

Saturdays do have a minimum hire period of 4 hours and this is either from 8am to 12pm or from 12.30 to 4.30pm there is no variation allowed on a Saturday so if you wish to pick your vehicle up at 10 am then an 8 hour hire applies. These trucks are amongst our most popular and are generally booked out anything up to three weeks in advance for a Saturday so an early booking is essential to ensure that we have one of these available on the day you require.

So if you need a van for moving, James Blond is the company you need. Give us a call on 0800 5 25663 and talk to us about your requirements today!
What's Happening In June In Auckland? 17/05/2017
June is going to be an exciting month in Auckland with all kinds of events taking place around our wonderful city. There are all kinds of things you can do while here, and we have the means to get you around!

One of the biggest events is the kick off tour for the Lions Rugby team. This is a huge event for English rugby fans and tourists alike who will no doubt be flocking to see the games, the first of which is on the 3rd in Whangarei, then in Eden Park in Auckland on the 7th.

If rubgy isn't your thing and you'd rather a peaceful relaxing afternoon, the New Zealand Boutique Wine Festival is on Sunday 11th June and is a very popular event amongst all wine lovers around New Zealand.

It is also Queen's Birthday in June and this is always a popular time of year for people to go away, especially to the snow with their friends or family.

No matter what event you are planning to head to, we have the cars to get you there! Make sure you book now so that make sure you have a car for June. Visit our car rentals page to book yours today!
New SUV For The Ski Season 02/05/2017
Winter is very quickly approaching and the ski season is just around the corner. No doubt you are already planning your first trip to the mountain to see some snow. And we have just the vehicle to get your there!

We have just taken delivery of 5 brand new 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan TSI 4 Motion SUVs, perfect for the snow! These SUVs have a complete new design, providing more space and greater functionality both on and off road, with enhanced handling and performance. Also featuring keyless entry, touch screen stereo and rear view cameras, these are loaded with new features as you would expect from a new Volkswagen.

If you are planning a trip to the snow, whether with some friends or with your wife and kids, these are the perfect SUVs for the job. Enough space for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids plus luggage, you can comfortably make your way down for a weekend of chilly fun!

Book your 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan here from as low as $57 per day or call us on 0800 525 663!
Looking For A 12 Seater Van Hire In Auckland? 18/04/2017
Look no further! Here at James we have just the 12 seater minibuses that you are looking for. And not only that, but it comes at a very competitive price!

Our 12 seater minivan range consits of Ford Transits, Volkswagen Crafters, Toyota Hiace Jumbos and the new LDV vans, all of which are 2010 model year or newer. We have both automatics and manuals available which can be specifed when book the van. These vans are all equiped with air conditioning, airbags and all the seats are belted. They also have a cargo cage in the back to allow for a large amount of luggage which can be stacked up to the roof if needed. Some of them are also fitted with a towbar and these can be used together with a luggage trailer ($25 per day hiring fee) for additional cargo space.

Being the biggest van you can get on a car license, they have plenty of space to burn making them perfect for sports events, church events or work and family groups who need to travel together. Having plenty of power they will tackle even the biggest hills with all 12 people on board plus luggage like it wasn't even there.

Like all of our vehicles, if you are coming in on a plane we will have your 12 seater waiting for your arrival at the airport. Or should you prefer to pick it up from a hotel or motal, we can deliver it there for you.

Visit our website to hire a 12 seat van and get sorted for your trip today!
We Stand By Our Name And Service 11/04/2017
What is in a name? The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. It is the one thing that separates humans from animals and it is the one identifying mark or symbol by which you can identify a person or company.

Along with your name, your reputation goes hand in hand. What is a reputation? The word Reputation has Latin origins and it means “consideration”. Your reputation is how people consider or label you, this can be either good or bad. It can also be how a community or the general public view you. It can be how you are perceived to act or the sum of your actions, also in a good or bad way.

The James Blond name when it comes to vehicle hire in New Zealand stands miles above the other companies. Why is this? Because we stand by our name and our service goals.

Hire after hire we go the extra mile to give our customers the best value vehicle, for the best rate and always give you exceptional service.

We are not part of a huge international car hire conglomerate. We started out in 2004 as a small family company with the objective as just being a side line business to our already established car yard. Although over the years we have grown, our company values have never changed: Honesty, Integrity and Service.

If you do any search of reviews online about James Blond the overwhelming theme is one of prompt service, best value for money, great communication and awesome vehicles. Yes, we do acknowledge that we don’t always satisfy everyone but we try our very best to accommodate everyone’s requests and when things sometimes are out of our control, we don’t leave you wondering what is going on, we address issues head on.

So when looking for a vehicle rental company in New Zealand ask yourself:
  • Who else from all the companies out there ticks all the boxes?
  • Who will ensure I get a reliable vehicle and reliable service when needed the most?
  • Who has a wide range of vehicles?
  • Who has the best value for my hard earned money?
We’re confident that James Blond will tick all of your boxes and some. We will always give you great service and fantastic cars. You will get the best value for your money. You will have 100’s of vehicles to choose from and they are all extremely fuel efficient.

If you’re licensed to drive then James Blond is licensed to rent!
All About Our 12 Seat Minivan Rentals 03/04/2017
How many people can you cram into a car? Probably not 12, not even if you have 12 contortionists who are less than 4 foot tall! When you have a group of people that you need to move from Point A to Point B. a car isn’t going to work, and hiring a bus will be a waste. So what do you hire?

James Blond have the answer for you! We have a range of we seat minivan vehicles and one of them is certain to fill your need. In this class we have a mixture of Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter, Toyota Hiace Jumbo and LDV vans. Best of all we don’t run a really old fleet/ All are 2010 or newer. We have both manual and automatic available and we will do our best to accommodate your needs, so please indicate your requirements when booking.
The weather can be incredibly changeable at this time of year, it feels like we’ve experienced it all lately. Having 12 people in a vehicle will create heat and condensation. You can relax in our minivans knowing that all of these vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning, airbags and all seats are belted – this keeps every single one of your passengers safe while they are transiting.

While our vans have plenty of seats to accommodate 12 bottoms, they also have a cargo cage in the rear which allows for a large amount of luggage. There is the ability to also stack luggage on the roof. Some vans are fitted with a tow bar and if you don’t have enough room for ALL of your luggage then a luggage trailer is available for $25 per day.

The Toyota Hiace vans in our vehicle range are a good choice as they have huge interior space, seating for 12 and easy entry and exit sliding doors. Not only that, but ingenious  design features like having a dash mounted gear level helps to maximise the space.

If you are using our 12 seater vans to move a sports team, school group, church group or any other group of people on a road trip – you will have times where you have nothing left to say to each other but  you want something to fill the voice. The audio systems in our Toyota Hiace vans generally include an AM/FM radio with single in-dash MP3/WMA CD player, auxiliary input jack and USB connection, Bluetooth handsfree phone capability and audio streaming, voice control for audio/phone, 3 line text display, radio text and 4 speakers.
You can drive our 12 seat minivans using a normal car licence so you don’t have to find a driver with a special licence to hire these minivans.

Like all of our passenger vans we can have your van waiting for you at Auckland Airport no matter what time of the day or night you arrive or who you fly with or should you want it at your hotel or motel we can deliver it there or of course you can simply collect it from our office.

All of our rental rates include GST and standard insurance with excess reduction options available.

So, if you need to get people from A to B but can’t squish them into your car and don’t want to hire a bus – then come and talk to us at James Blond. We’re certain we will have a 12 seat minivan answer for you!
Compare Minibus And Minivan Rental Range 19/03/2017
Are you looking at hiring a minibus or minivan but are unsure which model you need? 7 seater? 19 seater? Petrol or diesel? With so many choices, it might be hard to know what to choose. Luckily, we can help you.

Selecting the minivan you need is entirely depending on your requirements and what you are looking to use the vehicle for. Do you need space for more passengers or would you rather more space for luggage? Are you looking to do long road trips or do you need it just around town? All these will dictate the choice you make when selecting your minivan.

So what options are available? The following vehicles are in our range:

7 Seat Minivan
Our 7 seat minivans are 2002/3 Mazda MPVs with 2300cc petrol motors and come in automatic transmission. These are recommended for 6 adults or 3 adults and 4 children. Whilst not overly generous, the boot space is big enough to store a couple of suitcases and the back seat has the ability to fold down the middle, giving you access to your suitcases from inside the minivan.

Our standard 8 seat minivans are 2000-20002 Toyota Estimas with twin side doors for easy access and a rear seat that moves to allow either extra luggage room or leg room. The luggage compartment has enough space to fit a couple of suitcases in it but is not a good option if you have a lot of luggage. This makes them ideal for small groups or a family heading for a trip or family event.

4WD Premium 8 Seater
Our range of 4WD premium 8 seater minivans are 2014 Ssangyong Stavic's 8 seat diesel people movers with hi-low 4WD. The 2.0L turbo diesel has plenty of power to get you where you need to go, off road and on.

10 Seater Minivan

Our 10 seater minivans are 2014-2016 Toyota Hiace petrol vans available in both automatic and manual transmission. All 10 seats have seat belts and there is enough space in the boot to fit a couple of overnight bags. This van comes with a tow bar, giving you an option of a luggage trailer for those who need extra space.  This is available for an extra $25 per day.

12 Seater Minivan
Our 12 seater minivan range includes the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter, Toyota Hiace Jumbo and the new LDV vans. All models are 2010 and newer and are available in automatic and manual transmission. They are all equipped with air conditioning, airbags and all seats are belted. The rear cargo compartment is caged and allows a large amount of luggage to be stacked up to the roof if necessary.

Premium 14 Seater Minivan
Recently added to our fleet, the 2015 LDV 14 seater minivans are similar in size to the Ford Transit but have a high roof, giving you more space inside for moving around with ease. Each seat has an adjustable back. However, please not that with all seats in use, luggage space is compromised. So if you have a large amount of luggage, you may want to hire a luggage trailer.

17 Seater Minivan
Our newly added range of 17 seater minivans are the new model Ford Transit. These feature seats that go all the way to the rear. While this is excellent for fitting more passengers, you will need to rent a luggage trailer if you are intending to transport luggage.

19 Seater Minibus
Our 19 seater minibus is the Toyota Coaster and is an ideal vehicle for those looking to travel together with a large group. As with most of these types of vehicles, the luggage space is limited, with almost no on-board capacity. So it is recommended that you hire a luggage trailer if you have luggage to take with you. We currently only have one of these in our range and it is manual.

If you are looking to hire a minivan, we have no doubt that one of these minivans will suit your requirements. All of them can be book through our website along with any extras you may require.  So get in gear and book yours today!
Effective Van Rentals For Trades, Families And More! 01/03/2017
If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable, and spacious van for hire in Auckland, look no further than James Blond Ltd.
We have been one of Auckland’s leading choices for van rental options since 2004 and with a range of commercial Vans we have something to suit almost any requirement. We offer the best value van rental Auckland wide.
Whether you have new whitegoods that need picking up, your business has stock to transport, or you just want a vehicle with the space to move your furniture, our rental vans will get the job done.Our rental vans will allow you to move with ease, without relying on external companies or relatives. Load up one of our large vans with all your belongings and make the process a breeze. 

If it is people you are needing to transport and not goods then, renting a van is the ideal solution. Arranging travel for a sports group or family and friends can be overwhelming, but James Blond can offer you a great value hire van to suit your needs.

Our rental vans also can provide businesses with cost-effective, convenient and flexible vehicle solutions. Our vehicles can be used to supplement your fleet, or as an alternative for buying or leasing. Our fleet is available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.
It is important to assess your needs correctly and our best advice is to go for the perfect sized van that will suit your needs. We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and models to choose from which makes allocating one to your specific needs an easy process.
Your options with James Blond Ltd are wide – we have Standard Vans, Rear Seat Vans and Jumbo Vans.
Our Standard Vans are all 2006 or newer Toyota Hiace models.  Our petrol vans are all twin side door vans and are available as either manual or automatic. As the Automatic models are most popular – make sure you choose this transmission in your booking if required. These rental vans are simple and easy to drive with 3 seats across the front. Almost all of our rental vans are fitted with air conditioning to help keep you cool on a hot day or keep the van from fogging up in the winter.

In terms of load capacity our standard rental vans are 2.8 metres from the back of the front seats to the rear of the rental van with the width around 1.4 metres and the height around 1.5metres. This means that if you are wanting to carry a queen size bed in the van it will not fit unless the mattress is flexible and the base is able to be broken down. You can carry a fridge in your rental van although if you transport it on its side you should stand it for about 30mins before switching back on.

Our Rear Seat Vans are a good option for those of you who need to carry both a bit of stuff and more than three passengers. We have some current shape Toyota Hiace vans that have a rear seat fitted giving you seating for 5 or 6 in comfort but still allowing 2 metres of clear space behind the rear seat to the back door for whatever you may need to carry.

These vans are fitted with air-conditioning to make for a comfortable drive and have tie hooks in the rear if you need to secure your load. Numbers in this class are limited so an early booking would be recommended especially for events such as the round Taupo cycle ride where we have had a number of teams use one of our vans as a support vehicle.
Our Jumbo Vans give you extra space above and beyond the Rear Seat vans and are a great option if you don’t want to drive a truck.We have a couple of 2011 twin door Ford Transit jumbo vans with interior dimensions of 1900mm high 1600mm wide and 3300mm long. This gives a capacity of around 10 cubic metres. This means our Jumbo Vans have as much space as our smaller trucks.

We have also now added a 2012 Fiat Ducato auto and this has a slightly larger capacity of 12 cubic metres. As we currently only have one of these – booking are essential.
Our Jumbo Vans have tie hooks in the floor so you can strap down the bulkiest load and the power and performance of a turbo diesel engine which provides more than enough power to transport the heaviest item.
Once you have chosen the rental van for your requirements you will find that we have upfront pricing.

Your total van hire costs will include:
  • Your daily/weekly hire charge: This is calculated as a cost per day figure. Because this rate lowers the longer you hire your van, it’s worthwhile to check the cost difference between renting for the exact amount of time you think you’ll need the van, and giving yourself a few days’ lee way.
  • Distance charge: Unlimited kms.
  • Insurance:standard insurance excess of $2000
  • Bond: We take a refundable bond on all rentals with a $200 refundable payable on all of our commercial, minibus and older rental cars but all premium cars have a $500 refundable bond..
  • GST
Over the years James Blond Ltd have developed a fleet that includes over 17 current shape Toyota Hiace vans available in both petrol and diesel. 
We are constantly looking to improve our fleet and add new models and different styles of vehicle so if we don’t have what you need - give us a call and discuss your requirements with our staff and we will do our best to work out something.
If you are needing to transport items across Cooks Strait (from the North Island to the South Island) you can take your James Blond Ltd rental van on the ferry to the South Island. In fact, we can offer you a wholesale rate on your crossing should you wish.
If a van is not going to give you sufficient capacity check out our large range of trucks.
No matter what your requirement is we are certain that James Blond Ltd can help you with the right type of rental van for your needs.

Vans, more vans, lots of vans! 06/02/2017
When you’re in the need to move groups of people from point A to point B a standard car is simply not going to cut it. Your best solution is to hire a People Mover, Minibus, Van or Family Van. This is where James Blond Ltd stands apart from other vehicle rental companies in New Zealand. We can cover all of your vehicle hiring needs and boast one of the widest ranges of rental people movers, minibuses, and vans in Auckland.

No matter if you need transport for your family, work, church or social event - James Blond Ltd have 6,7,8,10,11, 12 and now 19 seat options in both manual and automatic transmissions for hire.  Hire one, hire two – in fact, we can assist with transporting up to 350 passengers via people movers, minibus, or van rental.

Our range will suit all budgets and you can select from standard or premium vans. You can either control your costs or travel in a bit of luxury.

All of our premium fleet are guaranteed to be less than 4 years old at the time you rent them and so these are covered by the factory warranty. Our older models are covered by our roadside assistance program.

What kind of selection is available at James Blond Ltd if you are looking for a larger vehicle? We have 7 Seat People Movers, 8 Seat Family Vans, 10-12 & 14 seat minibuses, and even 19 seat minibuses.

Our 7 seat People Mover range are 2002/3 Mazda MPV's. These are 2300cc petrol and whilst they have 7 seat belts are recommended for a maximum of 6 adults as the seating configuration with a very small bench seat in the rear for three passengers would be uncomfortable on a longer journey but these vehicles will accommodate four adults and three children quite comfortably Whilst these vans are not over generous in the luggage department there is a well in the boot that gives it the capacity to store a couple of suitcases.

The configuration of seats in the middle could let you store excess baggage between the two middle seats without impacting too much on the available space in the van.

Our standard 8 seat minivans are 2000/1/2 Toyota Estima’s have twin side doors for easy access and a rear seat that moves to allow for a bit more luggage or leg room in the rear. They are ideal for a small group or family heading away on a trip or to a family event. They are however somewhat limited in overall luggage space and whilst fine if you are travelling with overnight bags there is not enough space for more than a couple of suitcases. 

This year we have added a couple of 2014 Ssangyong Stavic's 8 seat diesel people movers with hi low 4WD. They truly are “go anywhere” vehicles. With a 2.0litre turbo diesel engine there is plenty of power to get you and your friends wherever you need to go. Standard on demand 4wd helps you get out of the tightest situation should you find yourself in one!

Our 10 seat vans are 2014/16 Toyota Hiace petrol vans. These are available in either manual or automatic. All seats are fitted with seat belts for safety. As these vans are the standard long wheel base van rather than the jumbo version (the 12 seat minivans) cargo space is somewhat limited and best suited to a couple of overnight bags. We have fitted tow bars to most of them and a luggage trailer is available at $25 per day if required.

Our 12 seat minivans are a mix of Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter, Toyota Hiace Jumbo and the new LDV vans all are 2010 or newer. We have both manual and automatic available.

These vehicles are all equipped with air-conditioning and airbags and all seats are belted. The vans also have a cargo cage in the rear allowing for a large amount of luggage that can if needed be stacked to the roof. Some vans are also fitted with a tow bar and a luggage trailer is available for $25 per day if required. These vans are as big as you get on a car licence and have space to burn.

If you are needing a minivan but need more interior space – you should look at our 2015 LDV 14 seat minivans. These are a large van of a similar size to a Transit but with a higher roof meaning that it will take the tallest people with ease. Each person has their own comfortable seat with an adjustable back rest.

However even though this is a large van once you put all the seats in you do so to the detriment of luggage space, so if you hire this van you should be aware that there is almost no luggage space and if you are heading away as a group you may wish to select the luggage trailer as an option when booking.
These vans are the perfect option for tradies who might need to hire a vehicle to transport their tools, and items of trade for a period of time. The headspace inside (without the seats) allows for large items to be moved with ease.
The latest addition to our fleet is the 19 seat Toyota Coaster. It is ideal for people looking to take away a large group all in the one vehicle. This minibus can be driven on a car licence and offers you the chance to get all the "team" in one vehicle. We currently only have one of these and it is manual.

Outside of peak holiday periods you can hire our vehicles for periods as short as 24 hours. This is a perfect solution for you if you are wanting a larger vehicle to transport people or items for a short period of time.
If you are wanting a long term hire – check out our rates. You are sure to find they are highly competitive in the Auckland market and may even be the best to be found.

James Blond Ltd will have a People Mover, Van, or Minibus to suit your needs. All of our vehicles can be delivered to Auckland Airport, your hotel, your motel or you can collect from our premises. All of our people mover, van and minibus rentals include unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance. We are also one of the few companies that gives you the chance to reduce your insurance excess down to zero.
Ssangyong Korando AWD - SUV's are in demand 11/12/2016
Choosing a vehicle to rent can be a daunting task – especially if you feel you aren’t all that clued up on what all the fancy names mean. James Blond Ltd have a superb array of rental vehicles to choose from and will definitely have a style to suit your requirements.

One of our most popular choices for our customers has been the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) SUV rental range and due to the demand received for these we have now added a number of them to our fleet.
We have chosen the 2016 Ssangyong Korando, petrol automatic which has a higher specification level than the 2wd model. If you are going south or heading for the snow these have 18 inch wheels and heated leather seats. You’ll be surprised at what kind of a difference having a warm backside makes on a long, otherwise cold journey!
All-Wheel Drives have some similarities to a 4WD system but there's no question that AWD improves traction. If you are needing a vehicle for a trip to the mountains for skiing – this is a great safety feature to have. The reason an AWD has this ability is that it allows all four wheels to spin, which can be helpful if two of them are on a slick or slippery surface.
So why choose the Ssangyong Korando? Unlike some other AWD SUVs the Korando can cope with the demands of an equipment heavy road tip. It has large storage bins, reach and rake adjustment for the steering wheel and generous equipment levels. Korando’s offer decent leg and headroom for your rear passengers, and generous luggage space. Inside, it is huge and has most of its rivals beaten, with nearly 500 litres of luggage space with the seats up and 1,300 litres with them down.
Unusually for an SUV, you can fit three adults across the back bench. There’s plenty of leg and head room, and with no central lump in the floor the person in the middle won’t feel short-changed either.
All of the doors have storage bins, and the boot itself is a match for the best SUVs.

All Korandos come with front, side and window airbags, as well as a stability system that will help you to regain control of the car if it starts to skid, and a brake assist function that prevents you rolling backwards when performing a hill start.

No matter how big the interior of a vehicle is, if you are road tripping there is always extra items that you want or need to take with you. If this is you then we have roof rails for rent if required. These can easily expand the space you have if you rent a Ssangyong Korado from us.

Keep in mind that our rates on these vehicles include unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance, so you can take the vehicle almost anywhere in NZ without the stress of mileage charges. You are even welcome to take the vehicle to the South Island and enjoy the sights down there as long as you return the vehicle to Auckland. This helps set James Blond apart from other rental companies.

When hiring through us you have the peace of mind that your vehicle is fully covered by the factory warranty roadside assistance and this is available 24/7 right throughout NZ.
Our SUVs offer plenty of flexibility with seating capacity, power, and luggage room. Whether you are going on a weekend family trip or exploring the countryside we are sure you will find our AWD Premium SUV’s ideal for your needs.

James Blond Ltd

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