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Get Your Rental Car Right From Auckland Airport! 22/11/2017
Flying into a new city can be a pain. When you first land, you need to organize a pickup or some mode of transportation. You certainly don’t want to be walking with all your bags! This means that you’ll need a car rental at Auckland airport waiting for you. How can you organise this?

We have just the service you are looking for! When you book a car with James Blond, you can choose to have it waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. We have an arrangement with a leading Park and Ride service at the airport who’s parking service is approximately 3 minutes from the airport. It works like this:

Once you have cleared the terminal, look for the shuttle that will then take you to the base where you will have the car handed over to you. You will receive copies of the contracts and all breakdown information, along with your GPS unit, if ordered, which will be in the glovebox of the car. Please note that you will be required to show photo ID at the counter.
They will meet your flight no matter who you fly with and
what time of the day or night you arrive.

If you are renting our car for your time here and would like to drop it off on the way to your flight, you can also do this. Our agents are at 112 Pavillion Dr, Airport Oaks. If you are doing this, please ensure that the vehicle is full of fuel and any accident damage no matter how minor has been reported to us. Once the car has been checked into their system, our agents will transfer you to the airport to catch your flight. You should allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes prior to your expected check in time at the airport to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Have you just booked your flights? Book a car rental with us and you’ll be sure to have a ride the minute you step off the plane.
Car Review: 2017 Toyota Yaris – Our Premium Super Economy 30/10/2017
If you are looking for a cheap way to get around New Zealand, you can’t look past our Premium Super Economy Car rental range. These cars will rival anything else on the road in terms of economy, ensuring that you can travel around New Zealand extremely cheaply.

Introducing the 2017 Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact hatchback which is now in its third generation and is Toyota’s lowest priced car. It is smaller than the Corolla and Camry mid sized sedans, and it is Toyota’s answer to the growing demand for small economy hatches, particularly in city areas. It features a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and front wheel drive, and comes in both manual and automatic, 3 and 5 door.
The 2017 Toyota Yaris is an excellent little car, and since this model has been produced for a few years, all the little things have been ironed by the 2017 year release. The front sears are comfortable and supportive with plenty of headroom, and even the base L model has height adjustment. Ride quality is good, though, and with more sound insulation than 2015, the Yaris is now a relatively quiet cruiser.

The 1.5L inline 4 engine puts out 106 horsepower, which is plenty for a car of this size and will get your around with ease. Designed with economy in mind, this engine will ensure that you use the least fuel possible getting to your destination, while providing enough power to not feel sluggish. In the city is especially where it shines, manoeuvring tight spaces and zipping through the little streets. And with an engine of this size, it uses next to no fuel doing so!

The 2017 also received improvements on both suspension and noise insulation, lowering the wind and tyre noise in the cabin. The electric power steering in the Yaris is also the best of the Toyota range, ensuring you have precise, tight steering that is very light.
The Yaris is a small car, and the rear seat room isn’t enormous, and is better suited to children or as extra space for luggage. If you are traveling with a car full of adults, you may be better off selecting a roomier car.
The engine is a capable one but does stretch its limits on the open road, and the short gears lend better to inner city driving. If you plan to do a lot of road trips or speeds over 80km/h, a bigger engine car may be better suited.
The Toyota Yaris is an excellent little car which is perfect if you plan on doing lots of short trips around the city, or are a solo traveller or a pair and don’t have much luggage. It will save you immensely on gas and ensure you always make it to your destination with its Toyota reliability. If you need a car with more room or power, check out these options:

Premium Economy Wagon
Premium Midsize
Premium Large SUV
A Trip To The Snow With The 19 Seater Minibus 05/10/2017
A regular customer of ours recently hired our 19 seater minibus for a weekend for a trip to the snow on Mt Ruapehu. They packed the team into the minibus on a Friday night and went for a road trip down to enjoy a Saturday on the mountain and a weekend away from the Auckland City commotion.

This 19 seater minibus packed in 12 people and all their snow gear with ease, with space for a large chilly bin, multiple snowboards, bags for each passenger and on top of that there were spare seats left over. This minibus really is the solution if you are planning a group trip!

The great thing about this minibus is that despite its size, it can be driven on a regular car license. Our customer reported that they had a great time driving down in it, proving to be an enjoyable experience and one to cross off the bucket list. It has no issue going up the mountain, with more than enough power to pull a full cabin up. And with the air conditioning system that goes throughout the whole vehicle, you can be sure you will be riding in comfort, no matter if it is freezing or boiling outside.

If you are planning a group or family trip, you can book the 19 seater minibus here. If this minibus is just too big, we also have a range of smaller minibuses:

7 seater

8 seater

10 seater

12 seater

14 seater

17 seater

Book any one of these on our website today!
Which Heavy Vehicles Can I Drive With My Full Car Driver’s License? 23/08/2017
If you are looking to hire vehicles from our minibus or truck range, you may be asking the question of “which of these vehicles am I allowed to drive on a regular full car license?”. The is a common question and a very valid one. The last thing you want to be doing is breaking the law.

Most of the vehicles in our range can be driven on a car license but you need to be careful when looking at some of the larger ones. Currently, all of our minibus range including the largest 19 seater minibus can be driven on a car license, so there will be no problems there. However, when it comes to trucks, there are restrictions.

Which trucks can I drive?
Up until recently, all of our 2 ton trucks could be driven on a car license. However, 1st of April 2012 the law changed to allow people with a full car licence to also drive trucks with a GVM of 5995Kgs. This meant that you could now drive our 3 ton trucks without a special license. What does this leave?

This leaves the 4 ton truck. This truck is classed as a heavy vehicle and any driver is required to have a class 2 (HT) licence to be able to drive it. This truck is currently the largest truck in our fleet and has a loading capacity of 25 cubic metres. Featuring a 4600cc engine and an automatic gearbox, this truck is a pleasure to drive and have enough power to haul your load with ease. The floor plan is 4800mm long 2100mm wide and 2100mm high and is fully battened inside giving you plenty of places to tie your load down.

Visit our website to see our range of minibus rentals and truck rentals and book yours today, making sure you have the correct license for the vehicle you need!
A Farewell From The Owners At James Blond 13/08/2017
A big change has come to James Blond Ltd. Due to personal circumstances, John has made the decision to move on from James Blond and pass the ownership onto the new owners Tim, Phil and Antonie. A comment from John:

“In 2003 I started James Blond Ltd as a small rental company attached to my then car yard, Thor’s Motor Co, and from there the company has grown and grown and the car yard was taken over by the rental company. But last year I was diagnosed with a type of Lymphoma and underwent Chemotherapy which although it brought my disease to the point of stability it cannot be cured and it’s really a matter of time before another treatment will be needed.

With this in mind I made the decision a couple of months ago to sell James Blond and today the sale became unconditional with the new owners set to take over from Wednesday 9th August.

I would like to thank all of my customers who have supported me over the years and put up with the grumpy old man behind the counter. It has been a real pleasure being able to help you.

And to the assholes that ripped me off, nicked my cars and crashed them and all the other bad things that have happened to them, you are still blacklisted and I hope we never see you again.

But in reality most of you have been fantastic and it’s been great to help so many schools, sports teams, church groups, Companies, local businesses and Mr and Mrs public. With vehicles at realistic prices and I know that the new owners will be offering the same service.

We would not be here 14 years later if it was not for you my customers and also a special mention to all my staff both past and present. All of my current staff will be staying on so you can still say Hi to Thor, Tracey, Peter, Maxi, Jay, Carl, Deryn, Hongda.

We have rented cars to someone from almost every country on earth from Yellow Knife in the Arctic Circle to Invercargill in NZ and there are so many of you that are regulars that i will miss dealing with but JB will go on.

A special thank you must also go to all the businesses who have helped JB during the years, including the companies that have supplied me vehicles with a special mention to Warren at Ssangyong NZ, Shaun at Manukau Toyota and Warren Strand at New Lynn Police Station for all the help he has given me over the years dealing with some of our more special customers.

I will still be at work until the end of August helping with the changeover and would love to catch with you if you are near the office in Kelston.

Once again Thanks!!!

One final thing without my family, my wife Sarah and my 3 boys Thor, James (who the company was named after) and Richard I would not be here writing this post. Thanks guys for all your support!”

This big change comes with many possibilities for the future. With new owners are the controls, a vast amount of opportunity also comes. Being willing to take on more, anything from expansions and more branches to nationwide service could be in store, along with even better deals on rentals. You can expect an even bigger and better service with the new team at the wheel!

We wish John all the very best and look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to all of our existing and new customers!
Large Travel Group? Hire Our 19 Seater Minibus 23/07/2017
What do you do when you have a large group of people, maybe a sports team or your entire extended family, travelling with you and you want to take one vehicle? Obviously a normal minibus is not going to do.

We at James Blond 2017 Ltd have the solution to your problem! If you have been searching through our range of 7 seater, 8 seater and 12 seater minibuses and still need something bigger, you need our 19 seater minibus!

Our 19 seater is a Toyota Coaster which is ideal for those traveling in a large group who want to use just one vehicle. Our Toyota Coaster come in manual and have air conditioning all throughout for passenger comfort. You can drive this on a car license so there will be no complications.

There isn’t much luggage space in these so if you have a large amount of luggage we do recommend hiring a luggage trailer which will provide the space you need to bring your things along with you. If you are not using all 19 seats then obviously you can make use of the spare seats to carry your things but this is something you need to keep in mind.

Are you ready to hire our 19 seater minibus? You can make a reservation now through our website and get it ready for your trip!
Need A Van For Moving? 29/05/2017
Do you need a van for moving? If so, you need to talk to us! In amongst our large range of rental vehicles are our vans which are perfect for your move.
If you are needing to move a small amount of stuff along with your family, friends or moving helpers – our Toyota Hiace vans are a great option. They have a fitted rear seat which allows you to seat 5 or 6 people in comfort but you still have 2 metres of clear space behind this seat for whatever you may need to carry.

If you are needing a van but without seats in the middle, we have a range twin side door, petrol fuelled vans that are available as either manual or automatic. These rental vans are simple and easy to drive with 3 seats across the front.

In terms of load capacity these rental vans are 2.8 metres from the back of the front seats to the rear of the rental van with the width around 1.4 metres and the height around 1.5metres. An example of what might not fit in these vans is a queen size bed. They will not fit unless the mattress is flexible and the base is able to be broken down. You could carry a fridge in these vans if you lie it on its side. Please note though that if you transport it on its side you should stand it for about 30mins before switching back on.

Both types of vans are generally fitted with air conditioning. This means that no matter if you’re moving in the heat of Summer or the cold of Winter – you can move your items with comfort inside the van. All vans have tie hooks in the rear to help you to secure your load.

These vans are often booked as support vehicles when there are sporting events so, if you are wanting one of these vans it will pay to book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment if they have all been booked.
James Blond is happy to advise that unlike some other rental companies, our van hire rates include unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance cover with the option to reduce the excess to zero for just a small additional daily charge.

What if you aren’t convinced that a van is big enough for your move? Not to worry! James Blond also have a range of tail lift truck rentals. The great thing about these trucks is that you can drive them using a typical car class licence – no need for an HT licence with these babies!

If you have something heavy to shift like a piano for example and you don’t have enough friends to help with moving, then a Tail Lift truck is you best friend! The tail lift has a hydraulic motor which lifts the “tail” up to the height of the floor of the truck allowing you to have easy loading and unloading of your heavy items.
There is no long list of instructions needed to understand to be able to work the hydraulics. Simply position your object on top of the lift and if needed, stand on the lift yourself to steady to object and then press the up button and the hydraulics take care of the rest.

Moving is known to be a highly stressful activity so we at James Blond like to offer flexible rental periods to give you the chance to choose a rental time that will suit you. If you only need a truck or van for 4 hours then you do not have to pay for a whole days hire – you just pay for the 4 hours. If you require a vehicle for a week, a month or more then we can assist with that as well.

Saturdays do have a minimum hire period of 4 hours and this is either from 8am to 12pm or from 12.30 to 4.30pm there is no variation allowed on a Saturday so if you wish to pick your vehicle up at 10 am then an 8 hour hire applies. These trucks are amongst our most popular and are generally booked out anything up to three weeks in advance for a Saturday so an early booking is essential to ensure that we have one of these available on the day you require.

So if you need a van for moving, James Blond is the company you need. Give us a call on 0800 5 25663 and talk to us about your requirements today!
What's Happening In June In Auckland? 17/05/2017
June is going to be an exciting month in Auckland with all kinds of events taking place around our wonderful city. There are all kinds of things you can do while here, and we have the means to get you around!

One of the biggest events is the kick off tour for the Lions Rugby team. This is a huge event for English rugby fans and tourists alike who will no doubt be flocking to see the games, the first of which is on the 3rd in Whangarei, then in Eden Park in Auckland on the 7th.

If rubgy isn't your thing and you'd rather a peaceful relaxing afternoon, the New Zealand Boutique Wine Festival is on Sunday 11th June and is a very popular event amongst all wine lovers around New Zealand.

It is also Queen's Birthday in June and this is always a popular time of year for people to go away, especially to the snow with their friends or family.

No matter what event you are planning to head to, we have the cars to get you there! Make sure you book now so that make sure you have a car for June. Visit our car rentals page to book yours today!
New SUV For The Ski Season 02/05/2017
Winter is very quickly approaching and the ski season is just around the corner. No doubt you are already planning your first trip to the mountain to see some snow. And we have just the vehicle to get your there!

We have just taken delivery of 5 brand new 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan TSI 4 Motion SUVs, perfect for the snow! These SUVs have a complete new design, providing more space and greater functionality both on and off road, with enhanced handling and performance. Also featuring keyless entry, touch screen stereo and rear view cameras, these are loaded with new features as you would expect from a new Volkswagen.

If you are planning a trip to the snow, whether with some friends or with your wife and kids, these are the perfect SUVs for the job. Enough space for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids plus luggage, you can comfortably make your way down for a weekend of chilly fun!

Book your 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan here from as low as $57 per day or call us on 0800 525 663!
Looking For A 12 Seater Van Hire In Auckland? 18/04/2017
Look no further! Here at James we have just the 12 seater minibuses that you are looking for. And not only that, but it comes at a very competitive price!

Our 12 seater minivan range consits of Ford Transits, Volkswagen Crafters, Toyota Hiace Jumbos and the new LDV vans, all of which are 2010 model year or newer. We have both automatics and manuals available which can be specifed when book the van. These vans are all equiped with air conditioning, airbags and all the seats are belted. They also have a cargo cage in the back to allow for a large amount of luggage which can be stacked up to the roof if needed. Some of them are also fitted with a towbar and these can be used together with a luggage trailer ($25 per day hiring fee) for additional cargo space.

Being the biggest van you can get on a car license, they have plenty of space to burn making them perfect for sports events, church events or work and family groups who need to travel together. Having plenty of power they will tackle even the biggest hills with all 12 people on board plus luggage like it wasn't even there.

Like all of our vehicles, if you are coming in on a plane we will have your 12 seater waiting for your arrival at the airport. Or should you prefer to pick it up from a hotel or motal, we can deliver it there for you.

Visit our website to hire a 12 seat van and get sorted for your trip today!

James Blond 2017 Ltd

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