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Our Gold Economy Car Rental Range 17/12/2018
Travelling can be extremely rewarding and refreshing. But the costs can quickly add up and can make your trip seem daunting rather than exciting. We know this really well so we came up with a range that offers excellent comfort and economy on a budget.

Our Gold Economy car rentals range is designed specifically for travellers who want to drive newer cars on the cheap. We are talking here about newly imported Mazda Demio and Nissan Tilda models – both hatch and sedan – with about 35,000 kms on the clock. Some aren’t even run in yet!
And best part of it all is you get to drive these impeccable cars for as low as NZD $28 a day! 

Here are some key information about the cars in this range:

Mazda Demio
A subcompact/supermini that shatters all preconceived notions about its class, Mazda Demio or Mazda2 provides driving pleasure and minimal environmental impact. The third-generation Demio employs lightweight materials and comes in both a sedan and hatch, although we only have the hatch because it’s been more popular. This model won the 2008 World Car of the Year title and was awarded a “Good” rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Demio features a four-speed automatic or shiftless transmission (CVT). Standard features include a digital fuel gauge and stability control, while the updated Japanese models, which are featured in our range, feature:
  • Premium seat upholstery,
  • Black meter panel,
  • Silver instrument panel garnish,
  • Expanded exterior body colours, and
  • Standard trip computer.
Meanwhile, the breakthrough Mazda Demio 1.3-SKYACTIV which was launched in 2011 won the 2011-2012 Car of the Year Japan ‘Special Award’. This model delivers outstanding fuel economy (up to 30.0km/L), a unique i-stop idling stop system and a shiftless transmission (CVT).
Check out this video by Consumer Reports to see how the 2011 Mazda2 performs in an actual road test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glqayR8t240

Nissan Tiida
Travelling with a group or a family? We recommend the Tiida for you. It’s not as stylish as the Demio but its boxy body makes for a spacious interior, with almost as much space in the front seat as a six-cylinder family car and still lots of legroom in the back seats. Both the sedan and hatch models also offer a rather large boot, and still more headroom and shoulder room for everyone.

In terms of engine performance, it provides more than reasonable transport from one point to another. It has a EPS (Electric Power Steering) system for competent handling. Not to mention, it features impressive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) suppression. Perfect for when you’re travelling with kids, right?

Other notable features include a 4-speed automatic unit (CVT), and a 1.5L engine.
Both our Demios and Tiidas in the Gold Class are imported from Japan. We have 30 of them in our range, so the chances of booking one for your trip are good. However, we recommend that you book as early as possible since these are a popular option among travellers.

Book your rental car today and get the best price!
How to Get the Cheapest Car Rental in Auckland 22/11/2018

Car rentals can be a major life-saver for travellers. It provides exceptionally good value by allowing travellers unlimited use of some of the best and latest vehicles on the market for NZD $30 or less a day!

On car rental rates

Everything in the travel industry is influenced by supply and demand which changes according to season. Prices for the same car could go through the roof during peak season and drop dramatically in the off-season. So where possible you should make your bookings well before you arrive at your destination. Often its a case of whoever books first will most likely snag the best deals.

Some companies deliberately offer the lowest daily rates but then add hidden costs and unwanted features, such as  extra fees for additional drivers or unfair fuel policies. So even if you use those handy price comparison sites, you really don’t know what exactly you’re getting.

One trick to avoid these traps is read a little about car rental companies in your destination site and pick up the phone. You will want to book with an independent car rental company with a good track record for a couple of reasons. First, it cuts the middlemen, i.e. online travel agencies (OTAs) and web comparison sites, which both collect a margin. Companies prefer direct bookings for this reason because it’s a win-win solution for them and the travellers. Second, having a proper conversation with someone from the rental company helps iron out your expectations and resolve problems faster.

If you’re looking for cheapest car rental Auckland, you’ll most probably come across James Blond Rentals Thats because we offer a wide selection of cars from backpackers through to some of the latest cars at the most reasonable rates without those unexpected hidden extras. 

The benefits don’t end there. As an independent car rental company, we can make our rates as flexible as our customers’ needs. We will try to price match any offer you will get elsewhere. Our service is flexible as well. We care about repeat business, so we make sure our clients get the best experience with us. We do this by offering services that cater to each client’s personal requirements. We have an efficient airport pick-up and dropoff service, and make sure our vehicles are regularly cleaned and maintained according to schedule.

Smart travel tip #1: Ask what’s included in the price

Many OTAs and big rentals charge surcharges and hidden fees on top of their advertised prices. And you’ll often realise it upon receiving or returning the car. So it really pays to ask before booking or signing the contract.

In our case, all of our rental car rates include unlimited mileage, standard insurance excess, 24/7 roadside assistance and include GST. We even allow a second driver for free as long as they satisfy our terms and conditions, e.g. they have the appropriate driving licence, are over 21 years old, their name is included in the contract, etc. That’s something you don’t usually get from big outfits and OTAs.

GPS and child seats are available for very reasonable rates. Some companies deliberately lower their upfront costs and overcharge you for these extras.

Smart travel tip #2: Check their car rental range

Online travel agents don’t usually go through the trouble of finding the right car for your travel; they just get one from affiliated firms at the agreed price point. With independent car rental firms, you can have a look at every car on their range, and decide for yourself which one offers the best driving comfort and suitability to your trip.

For instance, if you are going to be touring around your destination, you’ll want a car with good mileage and lots of boot space. If you are attending important meetings or events in between tours, you might want a more polished and sophisticated car. Booking with an independent rental companies allows you to customise your rental arrangements.  

At James Blond, we make sure there’s something for everybody. For the budget conscious travellers, we have a backpacker car rental range which includes cars from our other ranges that are older and have higher mileage, but all are well-serviced and reliable. Depending on availability, you could get a Mazda Demio, Nissan Note or sometimes even a Nissan Bluebird or Wingroad. 

We also have a Standard Economy car rental range that consists of cars with outstanding fuel economy, making it perfect for city and open road driving. For enhanced comfort at a budget price, we have a Standard Midsized car rental range that features ABS, air conditioning, twin air bags and lots of legroom for adults.


Smart travel #3: Check the reviews

Here are some key things to look for in customer testimonials and reviews:

What is the Average Star Rating ? While you cant please all the people all the time the average rating is a key indicator to look for

Did other travellers find the company’s rates reasonable? While their price isn’t the lowest rate you’ll find, it may be worth it for the experience you get. Of course, it’s always better if you pay the cheapest price and get stellar service at the same time.

Did other travellers find the company’s terms and conditions fair? Did they deliver on their promises? Were they courteous and accommodating? These are the things that aren’t reflected on the price but nonetheless important.

Checking reviews may take up some of your time, but it will definitely save you a lot in terms of money and stress.     

Get 24/7 Roadside Assistance with James Blond Rentals 09/10/2018
Nothing can ruin a perfectly good trip than your car breaking down and leaving you stranded in a far-flung area. It’s the worst case scenario, but it has happened to the best of us.
At James Blond, we want the very best car rental experience for our clients. So we make sure we provide modern, clean and well-maintained vehicles to ensure reliability on the road. Nevertheless, 24x7 Roadside Assist covers unexpected events and gives extra assurance and confidence especially for clients coming from foreign countries and driving on unfamiliar roads in NZ.
All James Blond car rentals are covered with 24/7 roadside assistance, to ensure support outside of office hours. We use NZ Roadside Assistance (NZRA) Ltd  to provide a reliable car breakdown service to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
What does 24/7 Road Assistance include?
  • Basic breakdown services– includes replacing a tyre, jump-starting a flat battery and other common breakdown-related problems.
  • Technical advice– you may call the road assistance hotline for any technical and mechanical information relating to vehicle operation, such as safety warnings, light signals, etc.
  • Battery and parts replacement– in the event that a preferred repairer is unavailable or not within close proximity, we will supply and fit emergency parts.
  • Emergency fuel supply– if your rental car runs out of fuel and you don’t know the nearest fuel station, an emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to you. Alternatively, a towing service will be organised to transport your vehicle to the closest gasoline station. In case the vehicle is incorrectly fuelled, a fuel siphoning service will be organised and the vehicle will be taken to the closest repair centre.
  • Jumpstarting your vehicle - in the event of a flat battery
  • Locksmith services– in the event that your keys are lost, stolen or locked inside the vehicle, a locksmith will immediately be sent to your location
  • Towing – a tow truck will be sent on site if your vehicle becomes immobilised, stuck or unsafe for driving
  • Assistance in the case of an accident, break-in or theft
  • Parts and service locator– for when you need to find a Preferred Repairer, or auto parts suppliers anywhere in New Zealand
Note: If the vehicle cannot be repaired within a reasonable period of time, James Blond Rentals will organise a replacement to minimise your inconvenience.
Conditions apply. For example, any repairs deemed to be user-caused, such as a flat battery, lost keys or keys locked in vehicle, incorrect fuel, flat tyre etc will be charged to the driver listed on the rental contract.
How to receive 24/7 Roadside Assistance
James Blond’s contact number can be found on the windscreen stickers as well as on the keyring tag on your rental vehicle, for easy reference. Should the need for a breakdown service arise at an odd hour, you may call the toll-free NZRA hotline 0508 697 623 for immediate attention and help.
Simply dial those numbers and follow the instructions given by the operations coordinator. You will be asked the vehicle registration number and your credit card details, the location of your vehicle, and a description of the emergency or the nature of the help required.
Then, all you’ll need to do is wait for the roadside assistance agent to arrive on site.
True to our promise of excellent customer service, we will make sure you have the best rental car experience in New Zealand.
If you are looking for long term car rentals or van hire,  contact us on 0800 525663 to arrange.
Car Review: 2016 Toyota Highlander – Our Premium SUV 14/09/2018
Are you in the market for the largest rental car you can get? We have just got the perfect solution: a 2016 Toyota Highlander!

We have just taken stock of a number of 2016 Toyota Highlander AWD SUVs which are now part of our car rental range. These SUVs are very well spec'd including air conditioning, have heaps of room with 7 seats, and have plenty of power with the 3.5L V6.

What’s so special about the Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Highlander features a 3.5L V6 petrol engine rated at 270 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive. Fuel economy is rated at 11.7 liters per 100kms combined. It also comes standard with traction and stability control, ABS brakes, front and side airbags, driver knee airbag, front passenger cushion airbag and full length side curtain air bags. A rearview camera is also part of the package.

Coming to the interior, this is where the Highlander really stands out by virtue of its spacious and comfortable cabin. Seats come in SofTex upholstery, second and third-row seating come with three-across bench seating. There are also plenty of tech tools and smartphone-integrated services, operated by means of an 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen display on the dash board.

Additional features include:
  • Automatic headlights
  • Heated exterior mirrors
  • Cruise control
  • Rearview camera
  • 6-way driver, 4-way passenger manually adjustable front seats
  • Sliding and reclining 60/40-split second-row seat 60/40-split third-row seat
  • Tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel
  • Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity
  • Six-speaker audio system with voice control
  • CD player with an auxiliary audio jack and an iPod/USB interface
Some things to consider

The Toyota Highlander is a big car and as such you will need to make considerations when driving in tighter places such as city centres, as it may be difficult to manoeuvre, and parking will need to be accounted for. It will also use more gas than a smaller car, despite the good economy for its size.

In summary, if you are looking for a large rental car that seats up to 7 people, you want the performance of a V6 and you don’t mind paying a bit more for petrol, the Toyota Highlander is the choice for you! Book our Large Preimium AWD SUV rental on our website today!
Unbranded Car Rentals for Important Events 29/08/2018

Renting a car is a practical means of transport when you have an important event or business meeting to go to. One thing is it’s convenient. You don’t have to wait long lines for public buses or trains. You can simply have your car delivered to your address or have it waiting for you the moment you alight your plane. It’s also more cost effective than taking a cab to get around in a foreign city. And more importantly, it offers plenty of room for your luggage and many seating options.


Renting an executive car or a luxury car will help you make a great first impression, which is important if you’re collecting VIPs, travelling for business or taking a special someone out on a date. It’s also a great way to make a dramatic entrance/exit to gala events, proms and other special occasions.

As far as making a great impression goes, James Blond offers a range of modern and clean rental cars which have very discreet branding. These cars let you move in style as they don’t bear a massive company logo that screams “This isn’t my car.” Our logo is discreetly placed so that it’s barely noticeable. Upon your request, we can have this branding removed completely for a very small fee. From roomy hatchbacks to something sleek and corporate, we’ve got the right car at your disposal. You can drive it like it’s your own. So it’s the perfect choice to wow your guests, clients or colleagues.


Some of the corporate travellers who come through our doors or book online with us also request for unbranded vehicles for added security. It lets them travel under the radar or avoid attracting unwanted attention.

As the main purpose of renting a car is to travel conveniently, we make sure that is exactly what you get.  Our cars are available 24/7 every day of the year. You have the option to pick up the car at our depot during office hours or have it sent to the airport or to your hotel/address. The last thing you want after a long flight is to fight your way through a crowd of fellow travellers in need of a rental car. No matter what time of day or night you arrive, we’ll make sure your car is there waiting for you.

Useful Information for Foreign Drivers

If you’re an expat or a visitor in New Zealand, there are a number of things you need to know before renting a car:

·         The minimum age requirement for driving a rental car from James Blond is 21 years. You must comply with this condition even if the rules are different in your home country.

·         You must present a valid and current driving licence that is the equivalent of a full driver’s licence in NZ. It must be written or translated in English.

·         If you want to have someone else drive the rental car, their name must be included in the car rental agreement and they must have the same criteria above. With James Blond, you can add as many drivers to the contract with no additional fees.

For more information about our unbranded rentals, contact us on 0800 5 25663.
Car Rental Tips for Business Travel 23/08/2018

Business trips are bound by strict schedules, hence the need to travel smarter. When you’re running from one appointment to another, commuting in buses or waiting in line for trains and taxis just won’t do. This is where car rentals enter.

Driving your own rental car ensures convenience. But there’s a learning curve when it comes to renting cars. You need to know where to look and how to deal in order to get the best value for your money. Here are some tips you might find useful:

Stick with one rental company

As a business person, you know the importance of establishing vendor relationships. Not only do you get better service but the entire process is streamlined as well, and sometimes there are even perks thrown into the deal. Ultimately, this reduces traveller friction and stress.

If it is your first time travelling to your destination, do your research to find the best rental company you can stick with. If you’re travelling to New Zealand, James Blond can give you the best deals around. Apart from competitive rates, we stock the most fuel efficient cars in the latest models and makes.
So you can be sure to drive reliable, almost-new
vehicles which are perfect for business use.

Consider unbranded cars

If you want to travel under the radar, try unbranded rentals. It’s a very discreet way to travel, which is why many of business travellers that book with us choose it for security reasons. If you are booking long term, we can remove the car sticker (upon your request) for added security.

Unless you’re trying to wow some clients, driving a lower priced unbranded car is definitely a practical option. Unbranded doesn’t necessarily mean less efficient or bad driving experience. It simply means low-key travel.

Check weekly rates

Even if you only need the car for a few days, renting it for longer may be cheaper. It’s no secret that rates are lower for long-term rentals than for, say, a couple of days. Do the math and you might find that reserving your vehicle for longer may actually save you some cash.

Bring your licence

For obvious reasons, your driver’s licence must be current and valid for the type of vehicle you are renting. It must also be the equivalent of a full driver’s licence in the country you’re visiting. If you are travelling with another driver, be sure they have their licence with them as well.

At James Blond, we don’t charge for additional drivers – you can add as many drivers to the contract given that they have a valid and current licence.

Do an ocular inspection before taking the car

Once the keys are handed to you, the car becomes your responsibility. So it’s good to know the state of the car before signing the rental agreement. While we keep our cars maintained and serviced regularly, we do encourage our clients to inspect the vehicle themselves. We want to establish trust and transparency this way.

Whether you prefer to travel in style or you want unbranded rentals, you can trust us for a fuss-free car hire experience for your future New Zealand visits. For more information, contact us on 0800 5 25663.

Car Rentals for Family Or Group Travel 23/07/2018

Choosing a rental car is easy when you travel by yourself or with a holiday companion – you can simply pick the most compact car and enjoy the ease of parking and fuel economy. However, it’s a different story when you’re hiring a car for a group.

Whether you’re planning a family trip with small children or a company excursion with a big team, you’ll obviously need a lot of room. The problem is larger vehicles often come with a considerably bigger price tag than economy cars.

Is there a way to rent a car for group travels without breaking the bank? Fortunately, yes. Follow these tips a smoother experience.

Know your options

Take time to research your options. A family of four will have no problem squeezing into an economy station wagon or a standard mid-sized vehicle, and still have ample room for a few pieces of luggage. However, a party of five or more will have to go for larger vehicles. You can start looking at full-sized SUVs or minivans like the Mazda MPV which can fit up to seven comfortably – or more if you travel light. For larger groups, a full-sized van or minibus would make more sense especially when you’re travelling long distances or going on an extended trip.

To improve your odds of reserving a good-sized vehicle for your party, try calling the rental company in advance. Ask them which vehicles they stock, and see if they have a specific type of vehicle available during your travel dates.

If you are looking for rental cars in Auckland, try checking out James Blond which stocks a wide range of well-maintained, top-performing SUVs, minivans and minibuses at highly competitive rates. When comparing prices, keep in mind that you are paying for your comfort and safety. Don’t just choose based on the cheapest rate you find, but select a car that offers good fuel economy, seating comfort and reliability on the road.

Know the rules for renting/driving abroad

Driving rules and regulations may be different in another country. Before leaving, be sure to check whether you need an International Driving Permit (IDP) and secure this if necessary. Ask your rental company in advance about certain requirements or restrictions that you need to be aware of.

At James Blond, we have a minimum age requirement (i.e. 21 years old) for all drivers. We accept licences from any part of the world provided that they are the equivalent of a full New Zealancd driver’s licence, and they are in English or accompanied by a certified translation. Please refer to the NZTA for further information about driving in Auckland.

Check what’s included in the price

To avoid unwanted surprises, check all price inclusions and additional fees before reserving a car. Look at the rental company’s policies for cancellation fees, refunds, bonds, airport pick-up/drop-off services, etc., so you know exactly what to expect. Some car rental companies even charge for additional drivers. Luckily, with James Blond, you can add as many drivers as you want without incurring additional costs.

Bring your own car seats

If you want to avoid extra fees, you can do this little trick to save some dollars. If you’re flying in, you may be able to check the car seat for free – do check your airline’s policy to be sure. Bringing your own car seat is also convenient as you can avoid problems with lack of availability or safety issues that may come with borrowing one.

Still can’t decide which vehicle size fits your party? Our car experts will be happy to walk you through our SUV, minivan and minibus ranges to help you choose the most budget-friendly option. Call us at 0064 9 813 4134 now!

Premium Economy Wagon Rentals Review 05/07/2018
Renting a car online should be quick, painless and cost effective. We’re pleased that James Blond ticked all the criteria, making our transaction easy and convenient.

The site has a wide selection of car ranges for every requirement. This time, we decided to go with a station wagon.  

Why a wagon?
New Zealand has a lot of interesting places to visit, so a few days of tour simply won’t do. For an extended stay, you naturally need a vehicle that offers a lot of space for your stuff and has the economy of a small car. This combination is important to keep your holiday expenses to a minimum without sacrificing comfort during your travels.

After all, you’ll probably be mountain climbing, trekking, skiing or surfing around so you’ll need extra space for your gear and essentials. Well, that was our plan and a station wagon really worked well for us.

The ride
The premium economy wagon rental range offers 2016 models of Toyota Corolla, which the website says has the latest in Toyota engineering and excellent fuel efficiency. A quick ocular check tells you the cars are good as new and well maintained.

When you finally get it on the road, you can’t help but notice how smooth the drive actually is. Just easy cruising that sets the tone for a relaxing trip. And true enough, the wagon doesn’t chug a lot of petrol, which helps keep the holiday expenses down and takes you to a lot of places without having to frequently stop at gas stations.

Value for money
As with all car rentals, you save money if you hire a vehicle for an extended period. Not sure if James Blond offers the lowest rates around but the prices are competitive, knowing how much car rentals cost in other countries.

For a relatively new station wagon, NZ$60 a day is like being spoilt enough. It can go down to NZ$29 if you’re renting for over a month.
Also, you know how most rental companies would require at least a week advanced reservation? Well, James Blond met our requirements even when we booked close to our travel date. That’s a major plus!

Ease of transaction
This review is particularly for the premium economy wagon range, but we thought about dropping a few lines here about our overall experience with James Blond.

We were offered the option to have the car delivered to our hotel or arrange airport pickup and drop off for a one-off concession fee of NZ$40. The pickup was well organised and took only a few minutes; upon drop off, you return the keys and the staff will take care of your luggage for you. Everything is just practical and hassle free, so paying that much is honestly worth it.

While we wanted the lowest rates possible, we know that could mean compromising other things such as the car’s reliability, mileage limit and breakdown cover. We wanted a car that would feel safe renting.

In the end, we got ourselves the best running vehicle at a fairly reasonable price. We were confident enough knowing that the car we got is almost new and had emergency backup services should we run into trouble whilst on the road. Of course, with a new Toyota Corolla, the chances of such incident are exceptionally low. We know for a fact that Toyotas can survive a lot of beating. And in New Zealand, there’re an extensive Toyota Dealer network that’ll come to your aid in case of breakdown (Read: the costs are fully covered and protected!).

James Blond took a lot of stress out of our trip. We’ll sum up their premium wagon rentals in three words: reliable, affordable and practical.
Looking for Car Rental Alternatives? Ask James Blond 22/05/2018
There are many benefits to renting a car. One is being able to drive a newer car and not having to worry about depreciation or maintenance costs. A car rental can make your trip convenient as well, particularly when you need a vehicle with good mileage for short journeys or when you need a reliable transport at a short notice.

Another major advantage to renting cars is you have a whole range of makes and models to choose from. At James Blond NZ, there’s always an option that suits your needs and budget.

Need a low-cost ride?
If you don’t mind the odd scratch or minor dent on your car, then consider having a look at our older but no less reliable cars in the Backpacker car rental range. These cars have higher mileage but don’t disappoint performance-wise. You can have a chance to drive any model that’s available on the day, including a 1300cc Mazda Demio.

Another cost-effective alternative would be our Gold Economy rental cars. These are freshly imported hatchbacks and sedans from Japan, so they are newer but still cheaper to rent.  All are 4/5 door models so they’re also perfect for when you need more room for your companions and stuff.

The no-fuss option
Want a car that’s easy on the gas, easy to park and easy on the wallet? Then you should consider looking at smaller economy cars such as the Nissan March hatch. These cars are perfect for when you are just away for the weekend or you need a ride to take around town for a few days. They fit four people and have enough room a couple overnight bags.

The best part is they offer the same creature comforts and safety features that larger cars do, like air conditioning, ABS and air bags. And fuel consumption is one of your least concerns. That means you can enjoy a comfortable ride that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
Meanwhile, our Premium Economy rental car range offers all these benefits, plus the chance to drive a car less than 6 months old or up to 30months old.

Need plenty of space?
Travel in comfort and style with a station wagon rental or a midsized sedan. Both types of cars offer great fuel economy, ample space for 4 or 5 adults, and larger boot capacity.

Travelling off road?
You’ll obviously require a car with off-roading capabilities, and a sports utility vehicle (SUV) is perfect for this. New Zealand is an awesome place for both tourists and adventure seekers to explore. If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, beaches or surfing spots, then our premium range 2017 Toyota RAV4 AWD LTD SUV rental is one of the best options for you. It has excellent adaptive cruise control, Toyota Safety Systems,  heated seats, full leather seating, built-in GPS and all features required for best driving experience.

All our car ranges have unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance included in the rental costs.
Need more information? Check out our car rentals page to view our range or call us today!
Our 17 Seater: The 2017 Ford Transit 19/03/2018
When a standard minivan won’t do, what are your options for a bigger vehicle? This is the part where most people don’t know how to proceed. Is it a bus? Do you need two cars? The answer is no. You can get even bigger minivans that are not on the level of a bus but are big enough to fit your group.

Our 17 seater minibuses are the perfect option if you are traveling with a large group. They are 2017 Ford Transits in Minibus specification and are loaded with features to make your trip enjoyable, comfortable and convenient.

So what’s so special about the Ford Transit? These minibuses are top of late line, late model vehicles which have been specifically designed with the purpose of transporting large groups in the current day and age. The interior has been designed with comfort in mind, leaving spacious room for 17 people, plus luggage which fits in the overhead luggage compartment. They also sport a range of features for the driver including cruise control, 8-way adjustable seats and heated windscreen.
Features include:
  • Ford SYNC radio/CD system with 3.5" dot matrix multi-functional display. Voice Control and AppLink (includes Emergency Assistance), audio streaming, USB connectivity, steering wheel remote audio controls and four front speakers
  • Cruise control with Adjustable Speed Limiter
  • Driver's 8-way seat adjustment
  • Passenger's 4-way seat adjustment
  • Rake and reach adjustable steering column
  • Driver and front passenger airbags
  • Overhead storage shelves
  • Courtesy lights with theatre dimming
  • Map reading lights
  • Easy-clean rubber floor covering
  • Passenger side load door footwell illumination
  • Passenger's sliding side load door and power step
  • Headlight courtesy delay
  • Ford Easy-Fuel capless refueling system
  • Heated windscreen
If this sounds like the van you need, you can hire a 17 seater Ford Transit minibus here. If you need something even bigger, check out our 19 seater minibus rental.

17 Seater Minibus


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