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Hire An AWD Premium SUV Rental

Premium AWD SUV
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Type: Car
Category: Premium AWD SUV

AWD Premium SUV

2017 Toyota RAV4 AWD

Latest model 2017 Toyota RAV4 AWD SUV's, our premium in the SUV range. ideal for the summer season, spacious and a high level of comfort, with full generous seating inbuilt GPS, dynamic radar cruise control, Lane Assist etc, you name it this car has it.

Image result for rav4 LTD images 2017

Todays Pricing  (note prices are seasonal and subject to change without notice)

Rental Time Daily Price
24 hours NZD $105.00
2 days NZD $94.00
3 days NZD $82.00
4-6 days NZD $75.00
7-12 days NZD $69.00
13 - 18 days NZD $68.00
19 - 29 days NZD $67.00
30 days plus NZD $65.00

So if you are considering a trip to the mountains for a trip to the beach for a few days surfing then this is the vehicle for you !
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Rates on these vehicles includes unlimited mileage, GST and standard insurance, so you can take the vehicle almost anwhere in NZ without the stress of mileage charges. You are even welcome to take the vehicle to the South Island and enjoy the sights down there as long as you return the vehicle to Auckland.

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