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Airport Pick up and Drop off

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4 Tonne 25m³ Box Truck Rental Range

4 Ton Box (25m³)
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Type: Truck
Category: 4 Ton Box (25m³)
A class 2 (HT) licence is required to drive one of these trucks.

Currently the largest truck in our rental fleet with a loading capacity of 25 cubic metres this 4 ton truck has an automatic gearbox and a large 4600cc engine making it a pleasure to drive with enough power to haul your load with ease. The floor plan is 4800mm long 2100mm wide and 2100mm high and is fully battened inside allowing plenty of places to tie your load down.


You can rent this truck for as little as 4 hours if you just have a rapid delivery to make or if you are needing a truck long term then come and talk to us about rates and how we can assist. We also offer unlimited kilometre rates for those people that are travelling to Wellington or a similar distance so you can plan your costs in advance knowing that provided you return on time other than the diesel there will be no other costs.



And talking about diesel we have our own onsite diesel refilling station meaning that we can save you time and trouble by us doing the refill on your return. All of our prices include both GST and insurance whereas a lot of other companies add this to the rental price.



As we only have one truck in this class an early booking for your required dates is fairly essential you are of course welcome to call us on 0800 525 663 and discuss your needs.

A 3 day unlimited kilometre rate of $750 is available on this truck please email info@jamesblond.co.nz or call us with your enquiry.

All of the above rates include GST and standard insurance with excess reduction options available.


Year Round Pricing Mileage Charge Daily Rental Cost
4 Hours $0.50c per km NZD $85.00
8 Hours (or  from 4pm to 8.30am next day) $0.50c per km NZD $110.00
24 Hours  $0.50c per km NZD $140.00
2 - 4 Days $0.50c per km NZD $120.00
5 - 9 Days $0.50c per km NZD $110.00
10 - 15 Days $0.50c per km NZD $100.00

If you cannot find what you need on our extensive website or require a quote for more than one vehicle or a long term rental click here to make your enquiry.

Insurance Cover
Want to know more about our insurance cover reduction options

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